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  1. Dyeg0

    [Release] MIL_CAS

    Because I already tried other formats. It works well in SP, but not in MP. Originally, it was: player == JTAC (name of specific player). Also, before, it was in an initPlayerLocal (as MIL_SPEC had suggested up here), so I thought that this would work fine executed on initPlayerServer. I'm just trying to get it to work in MP, that's all.
  2. Has each single ai unit (individual) begin the mission with their weapons holstered. This will cause the ai to unholster their guns when they detect hostiles within their vicinity. Object: Init Init: this removeWeapon (primaryWeapon this); null = [this] spawn {_unit = (_this select 0); sleep 1; _unit action ['SwitchWeapon', _unit, _unit, 100];}; Picture
  3. cool little script to make ai units join you in-game: Place your player on the map Place as many AI units you desire Name each the AI unit a specific Variable Name. Example: AIsoldier_1, AIsoldier_2, AIsoldier_3, etc. The Variable Name should be unique and placed in each ai attribute (under Variable Name) Place a no space trigger under "Trigger: Expression" Condition: player distance AIsoldier_1 <2 On Activation: [AIsoldier_1] join player; You will have to walk up to the ai unit (within 2 meters according to this script) to have it join your squad. Picture
  4. Dyeg0

    [Release] MIL_CAS

    How did you do that? I'm trying to get this to work in Multiplayer, but getting nowhere so far. This is what I have at the moment: (calls gun run followed by a playsound3D and a 180 second cooldown with the hint to player to wait for the cooldown. works very well in singlepayer though) initPlayerServer.sqf if (playerunit == JTAC) then { _id = playerunit addAction [ "<t color='#FF0000'>Call for Gun Run</t>", { params ["_target","","_id"]; if (diag_tickTime < (uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1])) exitWith { hint (format ['CAS Pilots are busy doing runs. Please wait %1 more seconds.',(round ((uiNamespace getVariable ['tag_cooldown',-1]) -diag_tickTime))]);}; _cooldown = 180; uiNamespace setVariable ['tag_cooldown',(diag_tickTime + _cooldown)]; nul = [screenToWorld [0.5,0.5],200,"B_Plane_CAS_01_F",0] execVM "MIL_CAS.sqf"; _soundPath = [(str missionConfigFile), 0, -15] call BIS_fnc_trimString; _soundToPlay = _soundPath + "sounds\radio4guns.ogg"; playSound3D [_soundToPlay,soundSource]; }, nil, 0, true, true, "", "alive _target", -1, false ]; };