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  1. MdioxD GaminG

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    is the headgear module soon to be updated ?
  2. MdioxD GaminG

    Project injury reaction

    I know ! But I was trying to make a juggernaut build, yet I didn't want to entirely disable the mod as there are really cool features !!!
  3. MdioxD GaminG

    Project injury reaction

    I'm using a mod that adds armor plates, but wheather I use old kevlar or last gen ceramic, 2 shots end up killing me, so I just wanted to remove the fact that you just die that easily even with juggernaut tier armor. And also I couldn't remove your mod as it is litterally essential to any Arma modpack imo^^
  4. MdioxD GaminG

    Project injury reaction

    Is there a way for me to edit the timer ? In a config file or anything (I don't really want to check the code without your authorization and I won't post anything obviously even with your authorization)
  5. MdioxD GaminG

    Project injury reaction

    Why are my units incapacitated in 2 shots no matter the amount of armor they have ? They flinch once shot, and if I shoot them while they flinch they go down in a single hit ! Here's a little video for easier understanding As said in the description, Vanilla with CBA and PIR only Fresh profile with all settings at default Armor doesn't matter, the unit dies / ends up dying no matter what happens
  6. MdioxD GaminG

    USP Gear & Uniforms

    Has the Team Wendy EXFiIL helmet been released yet ? I can't find it anywhere !