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  1. Omsi_Player_123

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Sorry for my offtopic posts, i first thaught that downloads with torrents are illegal. But for downloading your maps (wich are freeware) there is no problem.
  2. Omsi_Player_123

    Jets DLC Terrains

    I just wanted to ask the mod creator why he didnt uses steam workshop or normal download pages and not discuss server renting or something like this. Steam Workshop would be the best way to publish the mod. 1. It is free for the mod creator to upload the mod there. 2. Everyone, who has arma 3 can download it. 3. Steam workshop is safe, no risk of maleware or viruses. There are over 80,000 arma 3 mods on the steam workshop. In my opinion it is the best way to publish arma 3 mods. Armaholic or other sides are also way better. Who wants to risk the own PC (torrents are open for hackers) just to download a free mod? Imagine your computer is hacked and you loose all your data. Or even worse, hackers steal your personal data (like Bank accounts etc). Also, check out this. https://smallbusiness.chron.com/dangers-torrents-70661.html Torrents are often used to share pirated movies etc. and there might be trouble with your internet provider. Im better staying away from torrets and P2P software. If someone else wants to take the risks, they are free to do it. Im not hating the mod creator or his content, only i dont like using risky software like torrents.
  3. Omsi_Player_123

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Is there also a normal download side without this "magnet torrents", were you can just download it like files on armaholic or other websides without needing to install a special software (torrent)? From what ive read on differnt sides, using torrentes is pretty risky. The torrent software shows your ip adress to all other users, wich are also downloading the file. This is dangerous, because hackers etc. can then infect your PC with maleware, viruses or ddos-attacks. There are guides how to use VPNs to not show your IP-Adress, but then you need to buy some "premium-VPN" software. Why so complicated? It would be a lot easier to just upload the terrains and base files to steam workshop or some webside like armaholic. Even file hosting websides like mediafire or mega or just google drive would be way better and safer for others to download. Everyone does this. Why this mod not? Interested users could just dowload and try it, without having to install special software or even buy something just to download the files.
  4. Omsi_Player_123

    Jets DLC Terrains

    Nice big terrains for flying aircrafts. Is there also the "ocean" modelled/ useable for ships with "real" depths, so that you can use it as map for ships and naval battles? Because large maps like these would also be good for naval warfare with ships and carrier operations etc. The download links on https://www.pmctactical.org/arma3/terrain.php seem to be broken/ not working or download page offline or some other kind of problem. If i try to open them with my browser, it just says "Error - link unavailable". I cant download any of the terrains, none of the links is working for me. Are there any mirror links (like armaholic), were you can also download the terrains and base data?
  5. Omsi_Player_123

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    Pretty interesting resulsts with the "test radar". It would be usefull for boats/ships to navigate at night / bad weather etc. because you could also see the size and shape of objects / other ships on the radar. The standart bi-radar only shows markers for other vehicles and you cannot see wich shape/size the object has. The bi-radar isint really a radar, more like an AIS-signal wich just shows positions of other vehicles and not objects. Also with your radar, you could see objects on the sea surface (wich are not vehicles) like buoys or wrecks. What makes your radar system far better than the "bi vehicle tracker radar" is that it works more like a proper radar. With settings for beam width, range, accuracy etc. it would be pretty cool to use this. The "object detecion" is much more realistic. Because if there is for example a large ship and dierectly behind it, a small boat, the small boat could not be detected by the radar because the radar beam is blocked by the large ship. The "bi radar" dosent cares if vehicles are behind other vehicles etc. Lastly a radar has only a specefic beam width, in wich it "scans" for objects. The bi-radar dosent has all this features. For navigation purposes (ships) it would be usefull, but for target tracking (missiles, airplanes etc) i dont know if this would work very well to detect jets, wich move at mach 2 and faster. But you could just add an experimental air radar it would be interesting to test the detection of different vehicles at differnt speeds etc. It would be cool to just test if angeled surfaces (stealth design) makes any difference to your radar detecting objects
  6. Omsi_Player_123

    Forward Scan Sonar for ships

    Wow, thanks for releasing such a cool mod. The 2d sonar versoin was already an asome and realistic addition for boats/ships in arma 3, but the 3d-sonar even with diffent modes is completly mind-blowing. Finally someone who adds realistic sensors / instruments. Better than BIs stuff. Like NightIntruder said, a radar based on this script could be a future expansion of this mod. Maybe you could add a air radar and ground navigation radar for ships (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marine_radar#/media/File:Radar_screen.JPG) to this mod. A realistic radar with different frequency modes etc. would add lots of realisim to arma 3. The "standart BI" radar in arma 3 isnt really usefull, because it only detecs other vehicles and no map objects. Im not a expert for radars etc., but there is a good webside, wich explaines basic funtions of radars (link https://www.radartutorial.eu/01.basics/!rb02.en.html)
  7. Thanks for releasing, i was following the development of the Bovington map on the RKSL-website. Cool to have a map were you can just have fun and test out the limits of differnt vehicles. Of course there are already other test/ training area maps, but none of them has all this features like ponds, bumpy roads, steep tracks, area with garages etc. Also nice that you are developing custom objects for the map, a lot of map-builders just use standart objects. Imagine building the Bovington Tank Museum on this map. But that would be a lot of work if the buildings should be enterable.
  8. Omsi_Player_123

    GM air vehicles texture templetes

    Thanks for updating the templates, I like how you adapted your models for retextures. It is way esaier than retexturing Arma 3 standart vehicles, because you dont need to include surface detaills (like bolts, screews dirt etc.) on the texture, they are applied ingame. I havent seen any other mod or DLC with this feature.
  9. Omsi_Player_123

    GM air vehicles texture templetes

    The GM Texture Templates .zip file on the wiki-page contains no templetes for the air vehicles (helicopters and planes released in GM-update 1.2). Are there templates somewere available or will the wiki be udated? Thanks for answering. link to the wiki page https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Global_Mobilization_Retexturing