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  1. RavenF18

    rhs mod wont work on antistasi

    Please share some more information. Include your server.cfg setup or a screenshot from your mod configuration parameters along with some logs, so we can understand your issue
  2. RavenF18

    NETSERVER error

    How many players do you host? I would leave MinBandwidth to its default setting and increase MaxMsgSend only for +30 players. Leaving it default might be actually better. Try increasing MinErrorToSend to 0.008 and MinErrorToSendNear to 0.08 Also make sure you give arma3server.exe process high CPU priority (not real time, as this may cause issues) and
  3. RavenF18

    Server setting advice.

    Have a look at this thread
  4. RavenF18

    Server Specs - Recommended?

    All of the mentioned options would fit just fine. Make sure to configure the Headless option from ALiVE so that the AI transfers work.
  5. Thanks @sadfrog17 good job! Replaced the previous tool I was using and now using Serverify makes it way much easier.
  6. Cheers @dave_beastttt I will give it a try. Trying without the min/max bw was actually on my pending list. *** Edit *** Much better now! 😎 thanks
  7. Hi, I've been reading so many threads about this, and I know Arma 3 server is not perfect, but I would like to have feedback about our current setup. We run 100 player coop missions with AI's running over 2 HC's hosted in a different machine. HC's seem to run fine, but arma3server goes up to +90% CPU usage at some point creating huge amounts of desync (rubberbanding, players teleporting literally 15 mins away in just 1 sec) together with yellow chains. We have tried with so many combinations of performance settings, but haven't really found anything to improve. Server specs Intel i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 64 GB RAM 2400 MHz 500Mb Down & upload speed. basic.cfg Loading parameters: Executable: Mods: Average CPU utilization once all players joined: +/- 80% Utilization once battling starting: 90/95% & desyncs Average traffic utilization with max players: 35-45 Mbps