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  1. RavenF18

    Server setting advice.

    Have a look at this thread
  2. RavenF18

    Server Specs - Recommended?

    All of the mentioned options would fit just fine. Make sure to configure the Headless option from ALiVE so that the AI transfers work.
  3. Thanks @sadfrog17 good job! Replaced the previous tool I was using and now using Serverify makes it way much easier.
  4. Cheers @dave_beastttt I will give it a try. Trying without the min/max bw was actually on my pending list. *** Edit *** Much better now! 😎 thanks
  5. Hi, I've been reading so many threads about this, and I know Arma 3 server is not perfect, but I would like to have feedback about our current setup. We run 100 player coop missions with AI's running over 2 HC's hosted in a different machine. HC's seem to run fine, but arma3server goes up to +90% CPU usage at some point creating huge amounts of desync (rubberbanding, players teleporting literally 15 mins away in just 1 sec) together with yellow chains. We have tried with so many combinations of performance settings, but haven't really found anything to improve. Server specs Intel i7-7700K CPU @ 4.20GHz 64 GB RAM 2400 MHz 500Mb Down & upload speed. basic.cfg Loading parameters: Executable: Mods: Average CPU utilization once all players joined: +/- 80% Utilization once battling starting: 90/95% & desyncs Average traffic utilization with max players: 35-45 Mbps