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  1. Hey there! I need to separate an array of various items in weapons/magazines/backpacks/items to load them to a box with addWeaponCargo, addItemCargo, etc. Example of the array: I got them with getWeaponCargo, etc. Maybe the easiest solution would be to store them in different variables when i got them? I would be surprised if I can't classify them but i can't find nothing about it. Any idea how to proceed? Thanks! ------------------- Edit: I'm not storing the arrays directly on different variables because they are suposed to be stored in the profileNamespace of a server, and i wanted to mantain a clean enviroment, but i will do it if I need to.
  2. Original title was: How to copyToClipboard in MP and alternatives. But i found the original problem. Hi there, I built a persistance system to work in a Dedicated enviroment. It saves an array in the profileNamespace. However, for some reason if server restarts, all the profile variables are deleted. So, to prevent the loss of all information i was thinking about doing copyToClipboard to all clients so the playerbase can store a copy of the array (Just in case). Ofc, copyToClipboard doesnt work in MP, so I ask you: Which alternative i could use so everyone can store a copy of an array in a dedicated server? Cheers and thanks
  3. I reply my own thread cause i found the solution, and maybe can be helpful for someone in the future. We had a machine with multiple servers, but only one profile for all of them. Seems that servers were rewriting the shared profile and information sometimes was lost randomly. Solution: 1 profile for each server. (Seems obvious now, but... ). Cheers.
  4. .Marti

    Saving crate contents.

    Check Larry's post here: You can work from there.
  5. @killzone_kid Yes, I did and anyways my variables disappear with the server restart. I'm not the server admin (and I have 0 clue about all of that) so I have to find an alternative route, if I can't convince them to solve it.
  6. May be helpful too: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/230527-sort-weaponsitembackpacksmagazines-help/
  7. .Marti

    Player Persistent Stash

    Hi there, this topic may resolve the complex items issue (see Larrow's post):
  8. .Marti

    Zeus-Sever conflict

    The problem probably is that you are not loading the addons/one of them correctly OR you have an addon missing server side. In our case, we had the route to one of the mods with a syntax error (So it was like the addon were missing). Even tho the mission hadn't that specific dependency, when introducing Zeus in the mission it will check for it (In our case, RHS, because we had it on Local but was not well enabled on server). that's how far i can tell you, recheck you have all the mods well routed. Probably you can see in the RPT file what are the missing files. Check that out. Maybe someone can tell you something else, but i think without the RPT file is harder to find a solution. Cheers.
  9. .Marti

    Zeus-Sever conflict

    Hello there, Just today we had this issue in our community. The thing is (and i have no excessive idea about this) when you dont put any asset from one specific mod (e.g. RHS) nor Zeus, the server doesnt care about that mod beign corrupted/not well loaded. When you use Zeus the server wants to make sure that addon is well loaded. In our case it was simple enough, we had a syntax error when loading RHS and thus that mod was missing. Btw, if you are from my comunity: it's solved! Crisis avoided! 😆
  10. thanks another time for the tip. Guidance is always helpful! Thanks so much, Larrow! Much appreciated, will test it out. That kind of sensation when you spent whole days trying to do something and it's clearly worst done than your code there. At least i learned a lot hahah EDIT: Tested and working propperly.
  11. Hey there, I have another mini-question. It is possible to sort all the types of grenades? Since its parents are ["CA_Magazine","Default"] like all the mags.
  12. Thanks @7erra ! Will check that out.
  13. Hi guys, i'm trying to create a trigger for certain number of groups but i'm so lost. First of all i have an array of groups called _groupsConnected, each of them has an undetermined amount of units inside. I want to create a trigger for each of the groups. This is what i'm trying, i can figure that the problem is with the _x variables but i can not find a solution. This is meant to be executed server side only. Maybe there is an easier way to do this instead of using triggers. Any idea is very welcome. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for your response @sarogahtyp, I went a little bit further with scopes etc following your advice and found this post with various aportations: Subsequently I edited my initial code with the following: It works now!! Thanks for the alternative solution aswell @pierremgi. Btw, what i'm trying to do is a modules addon for my comunity and i'm learning A LOT with your MGI_Modules. Hope i'm not breaking any authors rights and you are confortable with a scripting newbie learning with it! 😛
  15. As the title says, anyone knows an easier way to check locality of BI's functions instead of cheking command by command in function viewer? Im getting mad cheking all commands of interminable functions in the BIKI. I was told long ago to never use BI functions in MP enviroment. Any advices? Thanks.
  16. Thanks @Harzach I suppose the ones undocumented you just have to investigate yourself the code. Thanks!
  17. Hi there, I created a very basic script to take control over other units. It's meant to be used on dedicated server. I spawn the function with this, in a standard trigger (Blufor/present). The function: The problem is: Sometimes works as intended (When any BLUFOR enters, the code is executed in every client). But sometimes, only executes for the player who entered the trigger. I researched a little bit and you are supposed to use something like in thisList etc to execute something in a certain client. Am I missing something? Any ideas? Is the script wrong? Thanks, cheers.
  18. Hey there, begginer editor here. I have a doubt regarding animationphase. I'm trying to adapt a script i saw on DayZmedic YT channel for dedicated enviroment. It's the one that allows you to tow a D-30 big gun from RHS. The gun is foldable, and at some point the scripts runs a check for the animation phase of the gun. (== 0 when deployed, == 2.3 when folded). This will work in SP, however in dedicated the values are 0 when deployed, and 2.29921 when undeployed. (This, apart from the scripts, it brokes the fold functionality of the asset itself, because it does the same check). This is something usual in dedicated enviroments? It's just the model i'm using? I guess i could modify the check to be something like: Instead of the original one: What i'm using to check the animationphase (via function on init.sqf): Any suggestions? Known errors? Ideas? Cheers.
  19. Hi to everyone, new on the forums there! I am trying to make the following: - I have a piece of intel, and I want it to be interactuable and to show up an image. (Very fancy) ["init", [this, "image.jpg", "Text message"]] call BIS_fnc_initLeaflet - Then, I want the mission to progress from there (to trigger, or sqf, I dont care). I don't know how to do it besides from placing a trigger near the intel, with blufor present and a little bit of delay timer. Any suggestions? Maybe with eventhandlers (I never used them before, but i can't find the one that suits)? edit: for dedicated
  20. Thank you so much, Larrow!