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    Raising the dead?

    Thank y'all! @GEORGE FLOROS GR Animations scare me :(! But I will try to find an appropriate "getting up" animation. @johnnyboy Your solutions seem elegant, and read like they have been successfully tested. Because I would like the (zombie) AI to surprise the player up close, I think I will take the unconscious option. If this works works reliably in MP, perhaps use a starting pose in their init as well. Will report back on this. Appreciate the brainstorming.
  2. After some googling, it's clear that I need to apply this method somehow: But surely replacing the vehicle config file with an edited one is possible with only a script? Therefore no addon (and dependency)? Thanks for reading.
  3. Hiya everyone I have an absolute beginner question regarding vehicle configurations. My aim: I want to increase the amphibious/water speed of the AMV-7 Marshall unit (classname: B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F ). After reading it through the config viewer, I think I only need to adjust the " waterspeedcoef " value. But how do I do this? TL;DR - anyone have a FAQ/Youtube link/BI forum post on how to change parameters on an existing vehicle? (Pardon my ignorance. Googling just gave me tutorials on how to create an entirely new vehicle)
  4. Melody_Mike

    GF Ambient Environment Winter Script - Mod

    Hi sir. Accidentally clicked your name when you tagged my post. Spent my Saturday afternoon trying out your scripts instead of answering my emails. Want to say "thank you" for the scripts AND documentation. But, need to share a bug on this script. When running the demo mission, Arma shows a persistent error (line 134). See image below: https://ibb.co/0K2zfnp (PS I never run any mods. Only mission scripts) Have a good day!
  5. Oh, and welcome to the forum @Cl1ve! 🙋‍♂️
  6. Heya bub, I was in the middle of typing out a solution. But, somebody already made a video that very literally answers your question: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRDBv3WLj6c (Skip to 04:05 for your specific query) Happy editing!
  7. @RCA3Thank you! You have solved my "hostage rescue" player scenario problem. Cheers.
  8. Heya everyone, Would just like to add my thanks to this wonderful script that makes buildings much less anonymous looking, without dependences(!). Guess I can add a tip for the foolish (ie: myself): If you are bothered by the magenta colored rectangles around towns when playing with this script, then change the PF_Dbug=TRUE value to FALSE in the CFG.sqf . -Don't go fishing in the PF.sqf and changing _m setMarkerAlpha to 0 ...
  9. Heya everyone, It is my aim to have a target OPFOR unit, dressed in civilian clothes, wander randomly around a town. The mission would be for players to find and eliminate said unit. The "DISMISSED" waypoint provides excellent randomized behavior. However, as the BIKI states, dismissed units keep wandering without bounds until meeting an enemy. I would like to give the unit boundaries. Because I am a beginner in scripting, my first thought was to make a trigger of appropriate size activate "when unit not present", with the unit starting in the middle of the trigger area. The trigger activation field would create a "MOVE" waypoint back to the center and cycle back to the "DISMISSED" waypoint. But I am having a lot of trouble with this. Using addWaypoint and setting the new "MOVE" waypoint at index 0 causes the unit to twitch on activation, but keeps it dismissed. Deleting and setting a new waypoint (regardless of index) makes the unit stop. I think I am missing an important part of waypoint scripting. Or, perhaps there is a more efficient way of keeping a unit wandering randomly inside a village area. The Civilian Presence modules would be ideal, but of course, this target unit is not civilian (and must coexist with civilians). Much thanks!
  10. Melody_Mike

    Where's Waldo Mission

    Hi y'all, I have a brainstorming question for a coop scenario. I'd like to make a mission to seek out/assassinate a particular OPFOR unit disguised as civilian in a town. The basic setup is straightforward and the features worked out in other forum posts: populate a town with civilians, dress up the OPFOR as civilians, have the players roll into town. Maybe put the number of BLUFOR civilian kills as a mission failure condition. But this seems very difficult and tedious in practice. Units outside of uniforms look incredibly alike. How can I make the challenge less so that a 5 player group could (without distractions) find the target unit in a medium sized town (let's say Sofia) with 50 walking civilians in 10 minutes time? Or maybe others have already solved the problem and all I need is a link to Armaholic/Steam workshop to someone else's mission... All suggestions are welcome!
  11. Melody_Mike

    Where's Waldo Mission

    I shall test this. Thank you!
  12. Melody_Mike

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    @jandrews Sorry for the late reply. I run a dedicated server, and yes, the script works fine in a multiplayer mission. Bomb voyage! (... ba dum tiss)
  13. Hi Play3r, Pardon if you tried this already, but the wiki presents a solution with setDir: https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/attachTo Also; why not just use one of the extensive workshop submarine mods? https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362114638 https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1611319861
  14. Hi everyone, I also have trouble getting respawns to behave in a predictable manner. So far, I have only managed to enable respawns in multiplayer missions using two simple methods, based on the above posts: a) In the Editor, setting the Attributes > Multiplayer > Respawn dropdown menu to either "Respawn on Custom Position" or "Respawn on Position of Death". The result is identical: players respawn on their death location. This is independent of where I place the Respawn (Infantry) modules, what I name them, or if I sync them to a trigger that activates. b) Placing a marker and naming it "respawn_west" or faction appropriate. Even if respawn is disabled in the menu, when starting the scenario, players are forced to choose a spawn location from a map screen (even if there is only one marker). The starting location of characters is completely ignored. My aim is this: starting the players in their regular positions and once they have activated a trigger, enabling respawns and placing a respawn point. Preferably, the two groups of players would each have their own (default, no menu) spawn location, but this is not essential. I am missing something important in how the modules work, and I can't find the answer in the BI Wiki or searching this forum. I am confident if someone could robustly explain how the modules work (or how to script the enabling/creation of respawn points), I could figure out the rest. Thank you for reading this.
  15. Melody_Mike

    Arma 3 East Wind Co-Op!

    Greetings Oh Sir Yeetus, Coming from a rookie: the BI mission script files tend to make lots of references to other PBO's. I admire your ambition in reverse engineering it (!). Question: Are you playing your modified missions directly from the editor, as exported singleplayer, or exported multiplayer scenarios? Any chance you could upload your mission, so my lawyers can take a look at it (and more seriously, myself, so I can finagle with the init...)?
  16. Melody_Mike

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    Yes. Yes, that fixes it precisely. Thank you so much for taking the time. I'm just curious: why was it necessary to create a new array and append it, instead of just adding an extra entry to _nearVehs ? And how did you know of the "MineBase" class? It's not even explained in the BI Wiki! Much impressed, sir.
  17. Hello everyone! I'm building a Coop mission and wanted to try a particular setting- a training camp. The location is Altis, Kamino Firing range. The aim is to have a group of (eight) soldiers running up and down the beach in exercise formation, without their weapons drawn. Once they detect the players (BLUFOR), they are to engage as normal. In other words, I would like them to run as in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hbzJnncsK18 However, I am having trouble with keeping the soldiers running in formation using waypoints or disableAI scripting commands. It seems that BI's default AI that so helpfully makes AI soldiers run in a natural way is preventing them from rigidly following waypoints and sticking to a precise formation (without weapons drawn). How would I do this? Feel free to ask if anything is unclear.
  18. Melody_Mike

    Force AI running formation

    Alright, I feel like a complete dunce here. I didn't really know what to expect with the marching animation. But now I am having trouble executing your code properly(!) Cannot get your "call" script to be accepted in a trigger OnActivation field or Debug console: _leader = leader marchingGroup; _leader setbehavior "AWARE"; _leader call you_fnc_march; The game insists there is a missing " ; ". I thought perhaps the game didn't get an object reference. I obviously named the group leader as _leader , but also tried renaming him (and changing the script) to leader1 . No change. I have never used the "call" function before, so after browsing the BI Wiki, figured it may be missing curly braces around you_fnc_march . No change. What beginner scripting insight am I missing? :P
  19. Melody_Mike

    Force AI running formation

    Thank you for the script. I will need to tweak this. The animation doesn't kick in until every soldier has entered the formation (perhaps I should just split the groups and start them in formation), and having them walk with their pistols drawn looks awkward (perhaps spawn weapons in inventory when their behavior changes to "COMBAT" ?). See video for context: Appreciate you helping with my "homework", though!
  20. Melody_Mike

    [SCRIPT] Explosive-To-Vehicle

    Hello anyone :). I realize the original creator is probably long gone. But this script is a very elegant solution to a "bombing" task in my mission that does avoids requiring mods (such as ACE3). There's one snag though: I want to be able to attach an explosive to an Underwater Mine, aka Naval Mine (moored). When nosing around the "EtV.sqf" file of this script, I find a reference towards _nearVehs and _nearVehicle . See extract: EtV_ChargeCheck = { _charge = _this select 0; _unit = _this select 1; _hasIt = _charge in (magazines _unit); _nearVehs = nearestObjects [_unit,["Air","Ship","LandVehicle"],5]; _return = (_hasIt && count _nearVehs > 0 && alive _unit); _return }; I guessed that extending the array to include mines after "LandVehicle" would allow me to attach my explosive to any mines. If I understand the BI Wiki correctly, the naval mines belong to the "explosives" class. I added "explosives" to the _nearVehs and _nearVehicle arrays, but that unfortunately broke the script. Is anyone willing to puzzle with me how to extend this script? Much thanks!
  21. Thank you so much! I understand from your Monday 06:04 AM post that you made two different scripts for civilians and cars. I have a newbie scripting question: Hypothetically, if I wanted my combined arms invasion scenario of (populated) Kavala to be complete, I would need to run both this script and your "L_ambiCivs" script on the same server, yes? Can both scripts run simultaneously without error?
  22. Melody_Mike

    Force AI running formation

    Thank you Gentlemen! @wogz187 : The "careless' behavior setting is *certainly* an improvement, but unfortunately not robust enough. Even on a perfectly level surface, after 10 meters, individual soldiers noticeably vary their pace and direction (in any formation). After 50 meters it resembles regular ARMA formation movement. It's great that they don't draw their weapons, but as I understand it, on 'careless' the AI also does not respond to threats normally. A trigger or 'safe' behavior could fix this but wouldn't solve the first thing. Thank you, however. @Turco_AR : Goodness this looks to be exactly what I was searching for! The author even posted the running script in a response. Possibly foolish question: I couldn't find the mission linked on the author's Youtube channel, and I can't find the user "RickOShay" in Steam. Where could I find/download the mission?