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  1. I read your suggestion about team killing and and I think your idea is realistic since if it would be like some games where if you try to shoot and your teammate is in the way which would then make you put your gun down, then it would be extremely annoying. The crowns thing could have potential but I feel it would need more to it since i feel like people could easily abuse your crown method by joining the same map at the same time to most likely get in a match together, kill their teammate and then let their friend kill them. It would not be hard for a group to do this and would probably be removed shortly after being added. It is part of the game and I do understand how some people are just cruel about it but not everyone you meet in life will always be fair. Maybe if there was a matchmaking penalty instead it might work but any sort of reward system from killing a team killer will most likely be exploited in this kind of a game.

    Loot crate bug

    Same thing just happened to me. I finally after going through so many common crate cycles I saw the m16 plan and it crashed and has a check mark but I still do not have it unlocked

    Supply crate system change suggestion

    I do know what you mean about the disconnecting as I have experienced it at times as well. I was even in a lobby with a teammate who disconnected after the lobby boosted it to a special issue crate. I've never had a teammate lag out before from a lobby where everyone else boosted it expect for our team so it wasn't because he boosted it that caused him to crash. Like I said those numbers do not have to be the exact same since this was only the example. If the numbers were raised higher then people might buy crowns or boost crate more often to help possibly get a better crate to speed up the process and having better than common crates more often will probably ly encourage more players to bring in at least a weapon more often to make the experience more fun overall. I also understand what you mean and the connection issues would definitely help but as of right now it is almost impossible to get the higher crates. 90 percent of the matches I play it's all common and it would be nice if there was some way to still get the higher crates that doesnt involve pay to win. Trading crates in doesn't make it pay to win. I would enjoy more feedback as I think this system could work to benefit the game overall but maybe just needs some more input.

    Food reward system

    I suggested a idea for the crates and also had one for the food which has no purpose even though it says currency. You could maybe add "seasons" since there are seasons where people harvest food or crops. Each season people try to get as much food as they can which is shown on the leaderboards. Once the season ends those in certain percentages will recieve a reward for the higher they are. Example: Top 5% special issue crate + special issue cosmetic (player or weapon) or maybe some crowns of a certain amount Top 10% military grade crate + military grade cosmetic (player or weapon) or crowns of a certain amount. Top 25% rare crate + rare cosmetic (player or weapon) or crowns of a certain amount. Top 50% uncommon crate + uncommon cosmetic (player or weapon) or crowns of a certain amount. The rest common crate + common cosmetic (player or weapon) or crowns of a certain amount. Then after the harvest season is over and everyone receives their prize our food gets reset so everyone has to start at 0 again and this will give food purpose and encourage people to actually go for it other than the occasional challenge which those challenges for food would help a lot more now. Something may have to be done with the rat traps but that might give people a reason to play more to get more resources for upgrading the rat traps and stuff.
  5. I've been playing this game since the 20th I would say and I do enjoy it, but I have noticed some issues with some things like how people may complain that some players go into matches with nothing and it makes the pvp less interesting. It was easier the first few days to get crates and crowns form challenges the first week or so and now now one boots the crates as much. When people can bring in nothing to get more loot and when challenges do not reset as often anymore it makes it so not many people will boost the crate. This makes it near impossible to get the higher crates since no one will boost it if they don't want to bring guns in so they won't lose anything. I suggest that you change the crate system just a little bit to where you can trade in lower tier crates for higher ones after saving up a certain amount. Example: 2 common crates can be traded in for 1 uncommon crate. 2 uncommon for 1 rare. 2 rare for 1 military grade. 2 military grade for 1 special issue. This will mean uncommon crates will take 2 commons, rare crates will take 4 commons, military grade will take 8 commons, and special issue will take 16 common crates. The numbers I think are reasonable as if you want something in the special issue crate then you need to get the airdrop max in 16 solos or 8 duos assuming your teammate let's you take both and that all crates are common like most matches. The benefits to this system is that it will make it so all crates are possible instead of never really being able to get the high end crates since you can't pay to win which I do like how you did that i just feel there should be a way to still get them especially which how a lot of player bring in low or no weapons so they will most likely never boost the crate to special issue. If the crate system is changed to this it would also cause people to probably boost the crates more since it will help speed up the process of getting to a higher crate since they can halfway to a special issue with a military grade crate boost instead of always getting commons. Players would probably be more encouraged to bring in at least some weapon since crates would be boosted a little more often and if they bring in a weapon then maybe they would want to boost it since they would be able to defend themself as well as maybe hunt other players going for the crate. All crates will still be obtainable through your normal methods and in addition by trading lower tier crates, players would probably be more interested in bringing some weapon in more often if the crate would be boosted and help them get to the crate they need faster. Players would complain less about there being less action when all people come with in is nothing or just a knife. Players might see more pvp action and get the game more popular. This might also get players to buy more crowns to help boost crate or loot more often to speed up the process of trading in crates which will help make the company more money that can hopefully get us more content and maybe more maps as well as fixing glitches such as the one that fires your gun for you when it's in auto, or where you get stuck aiming or stuck crouching. The numbers for the crates do not have to be the exact ones I came up with but I feel this would benefit the game in multiple ways and make the experience much more enjoyable for players who are seeing much less action for a loot and shoot game than expected in some matches.