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    Firing range bug

    Yeah, I actually saw that bug happen in the free to play weekend. If you took to much time in the challenge and you clicked reset it would pop up retry again and if you press it again, you would get a bugged timer and sometimes every target you shot would reset and you could get like 90/5 bottles shot and couldn’t complete it. Really weird.
  2. emory largent

    Firing range bug

    I would say that this is a pretty serious bug, considering the fact that after I do challenges sometimes, I lose my gun and ammo I had equipped before it and the weapon I was using in the firing range replaces the gun I had, so it can be used a duplication process also. Then after all that I can’t equip ammo anymore until I restart my game. But im more upset just about losing all this ammo.
  3. Losing 30 or more crowns in a server two minutes into the game due to the servers losing connection, and no return on the crowns or keep the items I looted at least.
  4. The bugs I’ve noticed when playing Vigor during the free to play weekend. - I noticed in the firing range when using the silver pigeon, the weapons animation is both bugged visually and the fact that the gun would show you reloading during the countdown and then you wouldn’t have any ammo in your weapon by the time it’s needed so you have to reload immediately when you start any of the challenges, also I’m not sure if it was intentional to make the scarecrows so far away in the challenge or I’m just not using the pigeon correctly. - Sometimes plates or bottles would be missing from a challenge and I’d have to restart my game to fix it. - While in a game was a generally smooth experience for what time I was given, I would say that the audio is a bit weird for sounds such as footsteps. When in a duo with my friend I can’t tell wether or not my friend and me are the ones I’m hearing or enemies because the footsteps would be delayed for about a second after we would stop moving. - Gunplay is ok, I didn’t necessarily have problems during my time in game but instead with the firing range mostly. - The shelter menu sometimes would bug to whenever I was in my equip menu, I would try to bring over one piece of ammo and I can’t see the ammo count unless I turned tabs and went back, having to go back and forth from tabs after every couple of taps. Also it sometimes sent the whole pile of ammo to my inventory and back when I had it on the 1x option. This is was my general experience of about 5 hours of gameplay during the weekend and this is also my first time posting something on a forum and I’m not very good at expressing myself.
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    Bugs I experienced during the free to play weekend

    Lost 120 7.62 ammo but I kept my rpk for some reason after doing challenges at the firing range, rip.
  6. emory largent

    Bugs I experienced during the free to play weekend

    As I have now bought the founders edition, I can see more bugs now that I’ve had more play time. I’ve seen glitches in the wardrobe were I see clothing merged or even when I equip my founders outfit and go to my backpacks to see how the default travel bag looks, it sort of “fucks up” the outfit. I’m still a bit confused on the whole crate system, so everyone has different items in their crates, but how does it reset, after you collect all items from said crate or is it a weekly cycle? I’m just confused on that. I’ve noticed some emotes bugging out my game such as not letting me move my characters or be stuck in pose until a do something like shoot. I have started to notice from either far distances or when someone’s running they would start to stutter. I don’t know if this is on my end or on theirs but it definitely makes me try harder then I already am trying to aim. Edit - ( The background colors of the items don’t match the rarity color on some items in the store ) Also my whole game would reset when I’d start up the game. I would just spawn in my shelter wth no equipment, crowns, materials, clothes, improvements just nothing. It would fix after I restarted my game so it wasn’t actually a big deal, just a bit spooky when it first happened.