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  1. RyuAzuku

    Better's Mods

    Can you upload the files so that we can install the mods manually? I can't install most of your mods because of how terrible the in-game workshop is!! I've tried for weeks now and I've been dying to try out that FAL.
  2. RyuAzuku


    I wish more modders like you would let users manually install mods! The in-game workshop is beyond garbage🤮 I saw there was a moddb page for the game but nobody has uploaded anything to it! Maybe if Armaholic was still around this wouldn't be such a problem(or maybe if the game wasn't such a mess at the moment) Keep up the good work with the mod it comes in handy for sure.
  3. As it turns out my friend enabled the Contact DLC and did not know it was Singleplayer only. Thanks for the help.
  4. My friend is having an issue where he is unable to respawn during a mission. After dying instead of bringing him back to the normal map screen with the respawn UI at the bottom it brings him to a screen like this https://i.imgur.com/vvad9N3.jpg Only he has this issue, when I die I can select respawn like normal, but my map doesn't have the weird sidebars. We tried this with no mods, we both hosted our own dedicated server for the same mission and had the same results. This is a problem with other missions that allow respawning too. Solved: Make sure you aren't playing multiplayer with the Contact DLC enabled or you will get problems like this.
  5. DayZ is the the prototype game, it's Bohemias testing ground for the enfusion engine.
  6. I luckily still have the mod files from armaholic: link awaiting approval NOTE: I am not affiliated with the USAF mod dev team at all
  7. I had a quick questions about the munitions that you guys will be including. Will the B-1b have access to JASSM missiles?
  8. Cool stuff! You guys should put a link to this forum in the workshop descriptions.
  9. RyuAzuku

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Would be nice if we could be part of 5 or more units instead of 3.
  10. RyuAzuku

    United States Air Force( 2015)

    You are 100% correct. There are 4 spots on the jet for missile pylons, and only the front left(when looking at the nose) is used for the sniper pod. Would be cool if we could load exterior missiles though. EDIT: I don't have a clue what munitions are avaliable for what aricraft with this mod since I'm only now just downloading it, does the B-1b have access to JASSM's?