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  1. Larrow, you're the MAN! Trigger name = "EmptyDetector" and it works. No need to use different names, should've read the wiki page more carefully. My bad! Thanks for all the help!
  2. thats how you are supposed to end the for loop is it not? oO the randomization works fine, the smoke spawns randomly in a given radius around the centre I already tried with different trigger names, scrapped it from the posted version to make it shorter. But good to know that it's a must. Also i used the line i commented out in the script above ( _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'Trigger'", "hint 'No Trigger'"]; ) I will try to only create one trigger without a loop even at player position, though. Running out of options..
  3. Hi, I have following code in my missions initServer.sqf. It spawns 5 random spots where smoke rises in the air. I want to trigger an event as soon as the player steps into the smoke, but so far no luck. I read a lot about triggers and locality. I even tried to create the triggers in initPlayerLocal but i walk where the triggers are supposed to be and nothing happens. I'm hosting the mission as MP from the editor with no clients.. _centre = getMarkerPos "CivMarker"; for "_i" from 1 to 5 do { _randDir = random(360); _randDist = (random 100) + 100; _posx=(_centre select 0) + (_randDist * sin(_randDir)); _posy= (_centre select 1) + (_randDist * cos(_randDir)); _pos2d= [_posx, _posy]; _position = [_posx, _posy, getTerrainHeightASL (_pos2d)]; _smoke = "test_EmptyObjectForSmoke" createVehicle _position; // _trg = createTrigger ["Trigger", _position]; _trg = createTrigger ["Trigger", _position,false]; _trg setTriggerArea [10, 10, 0, false]; _trg setTriggerActivation ["ANYPLAYER", "PRESENT", true]; // _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "hint 'Trigger'", "hint 'No Trigger'"]; _trg setTriggerStatements ["this", "_Smoke = ""SmokeShellRed"" createVehicle (position _this);", "hint 'no trigger'"]; };
  4. Hi, I want to spawn shotgun ammo in my sqf scripts. I can't find the internal names for either slugs or pellets for the 12 gauge on the wiki or anywhere else..
  5. Wow! Thanks so much for the comprehensive answer. I'd never have figured that out by myself. I totally missed that the whole sqf-file was actually compiled INTO a function. Also, very powerful persistent "main" loop. Still have a lot to learn, but this is a great template to start from. And thanks for adding a mission example, too. Really great help, appreciate you took the time.
  6. yep, that's what i'm doing. So... that's good right?
  7. Hi, I converted a simple SP mission to MP. I'm using the Ravage mod, but for this example i guess it doesn't really matter. I just want to know during execution of my init.sqf if the mission was loaded from a save game or is in fact a new mission. This is my setup: description.ext author = "Haleks"; OnLoadName = "Ravage"; overviewPicture = "rvg_missions\images\altis.jpg"; overviewText = "Linger and survive in the wastelands of Altis."; loadScreen = "rvg_missions\images\altis.jpg"; briefing = 0; class CfgFunctions { class tim { class mis { class myInit { file = "preInit.sqf"; preInit= 1; }; }; }; }; /%MISSION_ROOT%/preInit.sqf tim_fnc_myInit= { wasLoadedFromSave= false; addMissionEventHandler ["Loaded",{wasLoadedFromSave= true;}]; }; //[] call tim_fnc_myInit; init.sqf [] call tim_fnc_myInit; if(wasLoadedFromSave) then { systemchat "Load savegame.."; diag_log format ["%1, %2 : Load save ------------ timon ------", player, time]; } else { systemchat "Init new game.."; diag_log format ["%1, %2 : No save found ------------ timon ------", player, time]; }; I'm not sure from where to call tim_fnc_myInit or if it is automatically execute pre-initialization. Result of this approach: While loading mission error "Undefined variable 'wasLoadedFromSave' ". My conclusion tim_fnc_myInit was never called in the first place or the global variable isn't recognized by the init script. I hope you can point me to what i'm doing wrong here.
  8. Assaultimon


    Thanks man. You're doing a great job!
  9. Assaultimon


    How do i delete MP saves? I'm pretty sure i had this option (maybe from editor or in SP!?). I remember a Reset/Restart Game button, but when i host my mission from multiplayer menu i don't see any option. We always spawn with inventory from last game..
  10. Assaultimon


    Thanks man, that's probably it. Disabled auto-updates because of my ultra slow internet connection.
  11. Assaultimon


    I have a strange problem. I don't know if it has to do with the latest update. 22:32:37 Error position: <createSimpleObject [_t, [0,0,0], true]; > 22:32:37 Error 3 elements provided, 2 expected 22:32:37 File ravage\code\rvgLoot\loot_init.sqf, line 33 22:32:37 Error in expression <ache; if (_f isEqualTo "") then { _f = createSimpleObject [_t, [0,0,0], true]; > 22:32:37 Error position: <createSimpleObject [_t, [0,0,0], true]; > 22:32:37 Error 3 elements provided, 2 expected This error pops up continuously in my mission. I think it's triggered every time it tries to generate loot/when i go near houses. There is still loot, nothing seems to really be affected. There is a tweak for version 1775: "Furnitures are now spawned as local simpleObjects" Maybe that's the cause, but why would nobody else have the same problem?
  12. Assaultimon

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    Found it in the code. Since i don't play with infections anyway i just disabled your damage handler for the player. It would be nice if you could make a setting for that part. I think it's just too much on the player if he doesn't have items too heal his legs and is reduced to a cripple. Here's how ravage "saves" my legs: // ravage.pbo -> functions -> main -> fn_addDamage.sqf _unit = _this select 0; _addedDamage = _this select 1; _selectionHits = (getAllHitPointsDamage _unit) select 0; _selections = (getAllHitPointsDamage _unit) select 1; _selectionDam = (getAllHitPointsDamage _unit) select 2; for "_i" from 0 to (count _selections) - 1 do { _finalDam = (_addedDamage + (_selectionDam select _i)) max 0; // LOOKIE HERE if ((_selections select _i) isEqualTo "legs") then {_finalDam = _finalDam min 0.49}; _unit setHit [(_selections select _i), _finalDam]; _unit setHitPointDamage [(_selectionHits select _i), _finalDam]; }; true Btw, your work (not just this mod) is soo much appreciated!! I love what you are doing with arma/ravage. I've just begun to make my own missions, will have some more feedback for you soon. For now, the only thing i can say: AWESOME!
  13. Assaultimon

    Vandeanson’s Apocalypse

    I'm still new to Arma 3 and only played a few missions, mostly ravage mod default on Altis. So i might have no idea what i'm talking about, but.. I think i read somewhere that ravage changed the injury system so leg wounds don't make you limp (which is vanilla behaviour if i understand correctly). With apocalypse a dog bit my leg and i walked so slow as a result that i stopped playing. Is there a way to use the ravage injury settings? I am a coder so i could change it in the sqf files but i didn't find anything related to this in the ravage pbo. Edit: SOLVED! See post below
  14. Assaultimon


    I'm new to Arma 3. Played Ravage mod on Altis default mission by Haleks. Is it just me or is something wrong with damaged vehicles here? For me even vehicles missing tires/red WHL status drove just fine. Same handling, acceleration and top speed as undamaged vehicles. I changed some things in the editor but didn't touch any vehicle stuff.. Since repairing vehicles is an option this doesn't make any sense to me