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  1. Cool, thanks for the reply, I was wondering if there was a need to. I seen they made work on the ai so I was wondering if adding these mods would goof something up.
  2. I got a question, do I need ai mods for this mod? Would it conflict with this mod to use them? And are there any recommended ones that mesh well? I'm sorry if this is asked before.
  3. Roamingcharges

    Smarter tanks script

    I hope to see this continue someday, tanks are still dumb and run at each other. Saw two tanks run into each other and many somehow flipped over.
  4. Roamingcharges

    Tactical Combat Link - TypeX

    I wish to ask, how does the ai with vehicles behave? I saw the artillery part of the video and thought that was awesome. And the parts where the ai brings in transport to move. But I was curious to know how the ai would use tanks, helicopters and planes etc. Do they use them effectively? And if there are crew aboard they aren't going to leave are they? And would the ai board vehicles with ai already in? I think I want to use this mod more but would like to know how vehicles work with your mod. I used another and the combat vehicles were kinda wonky, thats why I ask.
  5. Roamingcharges

    There is Only War, Warhammer 40,000 Mod

    Thanks for the reply dude, I'll just wait and see. Keep up the good work.
  6. Roamingcharges

    There is Only War, Warhammer 40,000 Mod

    Makes sense, I don't mind the lack of animations anyway they were pretty solid in my opinion, the few that were in, sure i'll swing by the discord. It wasn't that they would get knocked down, but the ai mod forced them into prone which meant they knelt the entire game. Just me fighting in the end. The humans like the guard had no issues going prone so, its cool with them. Would the fix also affect ai too? Since as the player I couldn't go prone but they some how could. And by lifeless I meant the vanilla ai and their actions. Running into fire and dying, etc. Base game ai I mean. Thank you for the reply, I had a feeling something was in the works. -After some research I've found a ai mod that works, with some trial and error of course. My problem with the previous one was that it forces the marines to prone, but this one doesn't seem to do that, they do crouch but I haven't seen issues so far. All marine squads advance with no problems. And really stomped the enemy.
  7. Roamingcharges

    There is Only War, Warhammer 40,000 Mod

    Hello, I have a pair of questions, and great mod btw its awesome. My first question kinda involves my second question, will the marines get a prone? My second question, are there any ai mods that would you guys recommend that is sorta compatible? I ask this since the ai mod i use makes the ai use prone. So they just don't move, they do fire but there is no movement and the battle ends. Just space marines tho, everything else works. I tested the marines without the mod and they work, but they are kinda lifeless, ai in general.