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  1. well, im found kir and eastern nvg on dead spznz in one building, so, it become my final loadout
  2. lower smersh fix nearly done, just small clipping issues chest level still awful. this pouches... they never posed here irl for reason, you know? and, is it really necessary, this wannabe tacticool chest pistol holster? it even doesnt fit animation, pistol just appear\disappear, maybe, russians are aliens?
  3. is it ok? aku and altyn looks too cold
  4. probably misplacement
  5. no, engine does not support this action
  6. eem, devs, ok, aliens is a priority, russians are not, but, this design, this clipping, this Altyn+Gorka+Smersh.... THIS IS TOO LAZY.
  7. something wrong inside Promet's mag
  8. great idea, it will be even better with some replacement of pouches, they on weird poz now
  9. Kiptchak just badly modelled in concept, ingame: and its prototype "Smersh" irl: all pouches misplaced, mag pouches too low, so clip in legs, mirrored small pouch on right shoulder - affect butt of weapon, irl it always clear, lowered radio on left - its placed sometimes here irl, but higher, to use it without headset(if spetcnaz use throat mic and headphones, its unnecessary, in this too low poz it clips in left hand in nearly all weapon stances, pistol holster on chest - most russian soldiers dont use pistols at all, if they need secondary, they take regular aks-74, and, anyway, its looks unserous "airsoft" placement, mag pouches not suit for rpk drums - irl there special pouches for rpk, svd etc. and finally, smersh can be weared with body armor.
  10. Russian Костюм "Гранит - Б" (ветхий) (U_O_R_Gorka_01_brown_F) Better to be "Костюм "Гранит - Б" (поношенный)", or "Костюм "Гранит - Б" (выцветший)" "Ветхий" is a extremely old state, not just colored-out after washer
  11. yep, with old akm they looks more real, like east ukraine separatists, not russkies SF from future
  12. well, most csat heavy equipment have russian origin, marksman dls's csat rifle is made in chernorussia, its strange to see them in outdated gorkas, without proper armor, in need to "slowly adapt" something from inferior in tec terms iranians, who rely on licenced (and, most likely, downgraded) russian designs. only reason i can imagine - they are not russian special forces, just local pro-russia minority, with limited support from russia
  13. Spetsnaz in gorkas looks outdated, its more 1991's, Chechnya, fall of USSR, ets, not 2039, Kiptchak vest just uncomfortable, too low mag pouches, clipping in legs, weird pistol holster, irl used only by posers, cos' affect the butt of the weapon, in various stances, overall disign just strange, for me they looks like local russian minority of region, in old hunters/fishermans suits, chineese NVGs and with strangly new&fancy ak's, more like pro-Russia separatists, than professionals, equped in top-tier Ratnik-3/Sotnik suits, currently in development irl.
  14. meh, ushanka and PPSh even more "russian". but arma pretend to be futuristicreality - thats reality: so, 20 years later, in 2039, they will use gorka?