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  1. Good afternoon, two months have already passed. The ArmaScheduler works fine👍. Thank
  2. Good afternoon, is it possible to enable logging? The situation has not changed
  3. After two days of testing, I discovered the following: When starting the server and before restarting, all messages of "ArmaScheduler" are displayed on the Arma 3 server and in the ArmaScheduler console. After the scheduled time restart of the server, messages are displayed only in the ArmaScheduler console, and there are no messages in the console of the Arma 3 server. { "settings": { "ip": "", "port": 2305, "password": "password", "repeat": 100, "timeout": 100, "hcCount": 0, "serverExecutable": "arma3server_x64.exe", "hcParameter": "", "serverParameter": "-cpuCount=8 -maxmem=4096 -noPause -nosplash -filePatching -servermod=@ASR_AI3;@ASR_AI3_RHS_config;@extDB3 -mod=@RHSSAF;@RHSGREF;@RHSUSAF;@RHSAFRF;@CUP_Weapons;@CUP_Vehicles;@CUP_Units;@CUP_Terrains_Maps;@CUP_Terrains_Core;@CBA_A3 -config=Server.cfg -cfg=basic.cfg -port=2302 -profiles=profilesServer -name=Server" }, "scheduledTasks": [ { "time": "03:00:00", "rconCommand": "say -1 Перезагрузка сервера через 1 час.", "executeTask": 0 }, { "time": "03:30:00", "rconCommand": "say -1 Перезагрузка сервера через 30 минут.", "executeTask": 0 }, { "time": "03:50:00", "rconCommand": "say -1 Перезагрузка сервера через 10 минут.", "executeTask": 0 }, { "time": "04:00:00", "rconCommand": "say -1 RESTART!", "executeTask": 1 }, ], "repeatingServices": [ { "startupDelay": 0, "repeating": -1, "delay": 30, "rconCommand": "say -1 Рестарт сервера в: [04:00] по МСК", "executeTask": 0 }, { "startupDelay": 2, "repeating": -1, "delay": 31, "rconCommand": "say -1 bla-bla-bla", "executeTask": 0 } ] }
  4. Thank you very much. People ask if there are plans to develop "ArmaScheduler" for Linux version (console)? If so, in what time frame?
  5. Great job!👍👍👍 Good alternative for BEC. What the parameter "startupDelay": 0 and 2 ?
  6. Whisker_Stern

    3CB Factions

    I don't need the class names of the units, I need the class names of the groups. What you wrote to me copies the names of the unit classes.
  7. Whisker_Stern

    3CB Factions

    Hello, I really need your help. Please tell me the names of the classes of infantry groups? I can not find in the list of class names on the official site. Interested in two factions: 1. Takistan Militia INDFOR Faction = UK3CB_TKM_I 2. Takistan Army INDFOR Faction = UK3CB_TKA_I