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    Adding New Things

    Hi Arma 3 Developers I've played all your Arma series and i loved it. When Arma 3 come out i missing two things. 1. A M4A1 carabine. I really like this gun and i would love if you will add it back to Arma 3. I know there is kinda M4A1 gun but i prefere having the real M4A1. So if you can add it too that will be nice 2. A HELICOPTER. Theres MH-80 Ghost Hawk. If you will add a script to open the doors and firing from them that will be so cool. At least add an M4A1 back to game. And if you want to say that i can use workshop to dowload a mod for this gun and helicopter I don't want to. Why? Beacouse then I won't be able to play Arma 3 Official Servers. So like i said please add a M4A1 to Arma 3. Hope to see that Bye
  2. Internet_ARMA3

    Adding New Things

  3. Internet_ARMA3

    Adding New Things

    Yea nato hellcat.................... and the Apex DLC gun. Apex DLC. DLC! You need to buy this holy mighty thing or whatever it is to us that gun. M4A1 gun should be for Free like MX guns
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    General Discussion (dev branch)

    How about adding back M4A1 to standart guns (not mod) and can be use in Official Servers?