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  1. Flanky

    [sp_camp] Dark Tides

    Hi @AZCoder Thank you for this marvelous campaign! It was a lot of fun to play and the immersion details were really really felt. It made the difference! I wish we had more campaign creators just like you. As per my comment on Steam page for your campaign here is my feedback. There were some small problematic tidbits - I am not sure if it was my setup or these are genuine bugs but i noticed: Knight's Binocular Rangefinder does not have a night vision capability rendering it useless in night missions. So maybe vanilla rangefinder would do. in the Ultimatum mission i noticed Royal was missing Medikit in his backpack. Temple of Doom: Bishop had AAF UAV controller (instead of NATO one) in missions: Agent Extract, Dead weight and Pravda - I saw this bug was already reported but even after the claimed update i played the campaign just yesterday and problem was still present. K-9 problem in the mission Dead Weight - If you order doggy into the heli, the heli will refuse to land. It would probably be good to put some hint to player not to worry about the dog. That doggy will mount the chopper automatically once your team is all in. Ultimatum mission: So maybe there are 2 triggers and each one having a slightly different area size or shape? Independence day celebration on the beach: That fireworks effect totally killed my GTX 980. I had to in a very quick succession radio to start the fireworks and another radio to finish it before it even started or i was in deep trouble. Maybe an option to skip this with a video prerecorded of the effect for those of us who do not own RTX 3080 cards? :) Some small ideas for little improvement: In the Pravda mission it was a real bummer when i could not see the chemical detector with NVG goggles on. Yes i know this is an issue with core game. Maybe some audible sound could do? Also In the agent extract mission: I was really missing more AT as there were BMDs everywhere. So maybe equipping Knight with another AT like Bishop had? Map had no forests where to hide and BMD AI used to love getting on top of terrain from which it had a good overview. In the Ultimatum mission i really missed Arsenal. I think Arsenal with equipment giving player some unorthodox options how to approach this mission would be a great addition as this mission was clearly about players ability to asses the situation in detail, asses equipment at hand and choose an approach that suits player style. Imagine sniping the patrols from central building with .50 cal, or use ATGM like TOW-2 with HE missiles to take out snipers and MG nests to clear path, mortar pit with laser guided munition and Bishops UAV do the guiding, or maybe even Pookie's UGV addon? In the spirit of realism with the mission situation - In my opinion it would be great to place a CDF truck in CDF HQ with Arsenal or multitude of special equipment giving player choices. This mission was born for this i think 😄 But those are only small suggestions. Campaign is outstanding as it stands now. Bravo!
  2. Is there any chance these scripts will be made into addon in a form of module includable into a mission from editor?
  3. Flanky

    Zone Protection

    Thank you. So its not what i was thinking but this would come handy anyways. However the Logic area part is also problematic. I see Logic entities in editor and under Locations i can find area, but to be honest i have no idea how to work with them. I have found this topic But that has a looong way to be a understandable explanation as to how these Logic Entities work. Maybe a sample mission or a screenshot of a mission setup would be much appreciated. Then i will think about adding the missing documentation onto the bi wiki.
  4. Flanky

    Zone Protection

    Well im trying editing and scripting. Having lot of fun with it and i was wondering if i can implement an area where it is impossible to inflict damage. It surely is possible with scripting but then i saw this module and i was wondering... Maybe they already implemented this functionality - it's just that i don't know how to use it? So i wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  5. Hello I was searching for documentation to ARMA 3 Editor module "Zone Protection". It is calling BIS_fnc_moduleZoneProtection I cannot find any description or use cases. If my hunch is right, it should be a functionality used to create an area where damage is not applied to objects / characters? However BI wiki is very much empty on this module or function. Using function viewer i had a look into the code of the function but i am very much a newbie on arma scripting. While i understood from the code that the module can be synced only with Locations logic entities - documentnation on Locations is equally shabby. I tried in a single player scenario to place a location entity and sync it with this module. To my understanding some area should have been displayed on map but nothing happened. It had no effect. So i would be grateful if somebody experienced could explain. Thank you very much! P.S: Sorry if a topic exists somewhere on the forum explaining it - i was unable to find it.
  6. I figured it out. Plugins were indeed missing. Then i remembered that i got eclipse in program files folder and to write there user needs to have elevated privileges. So i started eclipse with admin rights and reinstalled - it worked. However strange thing is that the old installation has not raised any errors? Like failed to copy plugins... Anyway thanks for the idea!
  7. Hi Guys I have a problem installing this plugin for the Eclipse Photon. I have performed all the installation steps according the manual but after restart i dont have any SQDev perspective nor preferences node section. Neither do i have any new project wizard. I have checked the installation and it is listed in the list of installed addons. Any idea what is going on? I have a PDT version of Eclipse which is basically the normal one with PHP tools. Here is a screen https://pasteboard.co/I8IJlEJ.jpg