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  1. Is there any chance these scripts will be made into addon in a form of module includable into a mission from editor?
  2. Flanky

    Zone Protection

    Thank you. So its not what i was thinking but this would come handy anyways. However the Logic area part is also problematic. I see Logic entities in editor and under Locations i can find area, but to be honest i have no idea how to work with them. I have found this topic But that has a looong way to be a understandable explanation as to how these Logic Entities work. Maybe a sample mission or a screenshot of a mission setup would be much appreciated. Then i will think about adding the missing documentation onto the bi wiki.
  3. Flanky

    Zone Protection

    Well im trying editing and scripting. Having lot of fun with it and i was wondering if i can implement an area where it is impossible to inflict damage. It surely is possible with scripting but then i saw this module and i was wondering... Maybe they already implemented this functionality - it's just that i don't know how to use it? So i wanted to avoid reinventing the wheel.
  4. Hello I was searching for documentation to ARMA 3 Editor module "Zone Protection". It is calling BIS_fnc_moduleZoneProtection I cannot find any description or use cases. If my hunch is right, it should be a functionality used to create an area where damage is not applied to objects / characters? However BI wiki is very much empty on this module or function. Using function viewer i had a look into the code of the function but i am very much a newbie on arma scripting. While i understood from the code that the module can be synced only with Locations logic entities - documentnation on Locations is equally shabby. I tried in a single player scenario to place a location entity and sync it with this module. To my understanding some area should have been displayed on map but nothing happened. It had no effect. So i would be grateful if somebody experienced could explain. Thank you very much! P.S: Sorry if a topic exists somewhere on the forum explaining it - i was unable to find it.
  5. I figured it out. Plugins were indeed missing. Then i remembered that i got eclipse in program files folder and to write there user needs to have elevated privileges. So i started eclipse with admin rights and reinstalled - it worked. However strange thing is that the old installation has not raised any errors? Like failed to copy plugins... Anyway thanks for the idea!
  6. Hi Guys I have a problem installing this plugin for the Eclipse Photon. I have performed all the installation steps according the manual but after restart i dont have any SQDev perspective nor preferences node section. Neither do i have any new project wizard. I have checked the installation and it is listed in the list of installed addons. Any idea what is going on? I have a PDT version of Eclipse which is basically the normal one with PHP tools. Here is a screen https://pasteboard.co/I8IJlEJ.jpg