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  1. TheYetiBum

    Record Stats

    I agree, a stats screen is a great way to encourage continued play & to see how you stack up against other players or simply to see how your own performance is improving. I wouldn't be surprised if this is added in the near future
  2. TheYetiBum

    Do something about teamkilling

    I agree, I feel that a report system or a queuing time out is needed. Im a Vigor Partner & this team killing not only is a large complaint from my followers/viewers but also detracts from matches as most of the time its arranged between duo teams to pass of weapons from one person to another. I'd assume something is planned to discourage this behaviour in the future
  3. TheYetiBum

    Changelog 0.8.40768 - Random Duos Update

    Some great additions & tweaks here. looking forward to checking it out. Great work by the team as always. Thank god no more jump scares at the sudden & loud global sound of combo locks being fiddled with 😂. Maybe in the future a system that stops a team killing duo partner from leaving with any loot & receiving a matchmaking timeout would be useful for stopping random partners killing team mates for there weapons etc then just extracting, just a suggestion.
  4. TheYetiBum

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Just had a few games & my connections/lag issues seem to be completely fixed. Massive thank you to the development team for whatever magic they changed with regards to match making.
  5. TheYetiBum

    Changelog 0.8.37667

    Would i be correct in thinking server priority now means that it'll search first & foremost within the players region for matchmaking before adding/searching other regions? If so thank you, ive long struggled with quite high lag, latency and high ping so this is a gigantic change in the right direction. bravo
  6. Hi, love the game its exceptionally fun, decides a few minor bugs & being an EU players so suffering from quite high lag with it being a smaller player base. i have a few things id like to offer feedback for. The Silver Squirrel shotgun seems more like an end game craftable weapon with its one tap capability and range, i often one tap players with this even when completely hip firing. I believe drastically decreasing its damage unless in full ADS would negate how OP it is. The Suomi is also increadibly strong for a weapon i could craft quite early on, with 71 round magazine, very little recoil & one of the clearest Iron sight in the game it quite honestly fews like a 71 round full auto sniper rifle. i believe it needs a gigantic recoil increase to bring it in line with the other full auto SMG's. Certain later higher level weapons such as the G3 have incredibly visually obscuring iron sights, as a player who like to go full ADS these weapons are basically a complete no go, making weapons like the Suomi a constant pick, im sure game data will confirm that the Suomi is the highest rate weapon choice by players across the board as well as the silver squirrel. I love playing the game & wish i could stream it more but without region locking for game searchs i find as a UK player i have constant issue with lag, teleporting around, visual glitches with raising gun or leaving ADS due to latency from high ping, im fully aware that these are issues born of the need to put people from vastly different regions in the same game for the sake of fast matchmaking whilst the player base is reduced before it goes F2P, but quite honestly id rather wait substantially longer for a game and have a solid connection. Again i love the game & all criticism is constructive & in no means meant as a slight against the development team. Great work creating a unique , fun & strikingly beautiful Shooter experience. I just wish i could play it othr than just on weekends when the playerbase is boosted due to connection issues rendering it quite unplayeable.
  7. TheYetiBum

    Impenetrable bushes

    Ive had this also, unloaded several mags into bushes and not had a hit markers before, not sure if bushes have branches modeled inside like DayZ that actually act to block bullets
  8. Had a bug the last few days that seems to occur randomly, if its repeatable i cant find the cause so apologies for that. If you are in FPP ADS sometimes whilst side strafing the gun glitches from center screen to the mid point between center and the screnns edge, so strafe left it bugs to the left whilst moving and like wise if you strafe right. havent found a way in game to correct it but leaving the match and researching another game resets/corrects it. hope this helps , love the gaem by the way & fully understand its a WIP so these things occur , just happy to help. is there a bug reporting system for Vigor?
  9. TheYetiBum

    Character Reset at Launch

    Totally unrelated, but Pyrit who do i have to maim in order to get me one of those awesome Vigor red/black lumber jack shirts your wearing in your forum picture?! just point me in there direction. 😉
  10. TheYetiBum

    Character Reset at Launch

    Come on guys, its game preview. we all knew that. Plus it wouldn't be very fair to new players when it leaves early access and goes F2P to be facing a tonne of people armed to the teeth on day one, that would'nt exactly make for a balanced or fun experience for anyone. also lets be real, so many weapons will be rebalanced & so many house upgrades will be rebalanced etc that a fresh start for everyone will be the easiest most bug free way to implement what will most likely be a giant update on full release day. Also getting the 1500 crowns back in there entirety on day one of F2P is literally equate to twice the real word monetary value we all spent on the game, plus we get a free unique gesture, clothing & most likely more to be announced later. I think were getting a pretty damn good deal, the knowledge everyone whos play tested the game all this time alone will give you a giant advantage in game over new players anyway. Just my opinion though & you are certainly entitled to disagree.
  11. TheYetiBum

    Lag & hit registration

    Also for extra clarification, im in no means hating on the game. its super fun & unique. plus i should imagine the majority of my lag issues are related to a smaller player base during the week so i pretty sure cross region matchmaking is a necessity to fill lobbies during game preview testing.
  12. TheYetiBum

    headshots/fireing range

    i too cannot attain one shot head shots at the range either
  13. TheYetiBum

    Lag & hit registration

    Im a UK player with high speed internet & hard wired, im playing as i type this and for the last hour ive had considerable lag & hit registration issues. I fully understand that this is a work in progress but it definitely feels like im playing in a server run from the US, i'm teleporting metres at a time, i'm shooting enemies who then dies three seconds later only to then be teleported back a few seconds to my previous location. also having issues where i cannot raise my gun or when i do it glitches out and my character will slide from side to side. im genuinely enjoying the game and havent had many of these issue over the weekend. I would love some clarification on how the matchmaking works , is it region locked or ping based? or will it simply match any players world wide currently searching? is it dedicated servers or player hosted? if anyone has any info please let me know as i stream the game & enjoy promoting it but basically had to stop as the experience deteriorated so much for a prolonged period.
  14. TheYetiBum

    Sprint mechanic

    This is not a passive aggressive message, i am thoroughly enjoying the game & my viewers are too. But i would love some clarification on how the sprint system works & why the design choice was made to stop players sprinting up inclines, i was not present for the earlier game meta so cannot ascertain this info alone. My assumption is that it was implemented to force players to strategically think about there characters vertical placement before a gunfight & nerf a players ability to gain the high ground on an opponent mid gunfight in order to win. I find it a unique mechanic but also slightly frustrating one as a new player , it seems to be inconsistant & not explained in game very well, it could easily be mistaken as a bug to anyone who hasn't read the change logs. Again this is meant as constructive criticism, your game is very enjoyable & a great addition to the game preview programme. Thank you
  15. TheYetiBum

    Trigger down but not shooting?

    I have had a similar issue with full auto weapons, where the SFX for weapons will cease but the magazine ammo count continues to drop as if bullets are still being fired. Hit reg seems to cease also but this may not be the case as i often stop firing as soon as the sound feedback stops. I have only just started playing this game & tbh the few bug ive encountered haven't hampered my enjoyment. i hope the info helps development though