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    This is probably a long shot but could anyone tell me how i can get opfor to vote but not have blufor ai active? maybe @Jezuro if you still around?
  2. Jannings


    can anyone help??? i just want to be pve, but enemy ai will not vote
  3. Jannings


    @Jezuro hey was just curious its been so long since i opened my mission making of warlords, i want to figure out how to make it so its player vs ai only, put us all on one side and have the enemy take sectors, but it doesnt seem like they are voting, any help?
  4. Thank you so much! Using this currently for a unit and going to be for a warlords server also, by far a great script to do realistic radios with out all the extra hassle of the ones currently out that require extra third party applications. Please keep up the amazing work, as I love all the scripts you've made and have used numerous ones to increase the over all realism and gameplay for over a year now
  5. @phronk Very curious if the custom backpack implementation you were talking about previously will be in with 0.94, waiting to be able to use rto channel with out the contact dlc requirments needed by the current backpack
  6. Jannings

    Dynamic Combat Generator

    Anyone know what mine detector to use with DCG and ACE for IEDs??
  7. how possible is it to change the radio backpack variable, is it possible or to difficult? just wondering if its possible for me to set a different item up
  8. okay then i guess i will just have to wait to have any type of support channel then, will use it to the best i can, look forward to an update then 🙂
  9. So how would I got about adding another channel, cause I'm fairly new to scripting and spent hours last night trying to figure out how to make a channel for them to call support in and i couldnt figure it out, almost passed out at my keyboard lol
  10. okay cause im just trying to get a channel for support to be done in, but i cant do it, i even tried changing the backpack required for RTO as i dont have the Contact DLC, so i was using a different backpack but i still cant use the Air channel, it just makes me use direct
  11. Hello, first off i just want to say thanks so much for creating such a great substitute for the traditional arma 3 radios, yours does so much for such an easy to understand layout, i do have one question though, that being, is it possible to make more custom channels, say if i wanted a channel for people to request support in a specific channel?
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    So is it possible to use more then one Sector Response Team Module per Sector, example: One placed down for armor reinforcement and one synced for paratrooping?
  13. Jannings


    @Jezuro Hey there can't wait to try the new changes out but I was curious, I saw a video where the author spoke of mods with unregular naming, such as rhs does would not spawn vehicles in the garrisons for the sectors. Can this be fixed by manually setting groups in the description.ext file as it says on the wiki? Or using a group with no vehicles in the init module and custom defining the groups
  14. Jannings


    Hello, First off I just want to say Thank you so much for a game mode I've been searching for forever, as a mission maker I've used everything from ALiVE to custom building the whole mission and Warlords gives the intense combat oriented, easily modable experience I've wanted to bring to my players for nearly a year now. Now on to my question: Does anyone at all know if the AIS Medical System would be compatible with warlords instead of using the regular medic system im using now?
  15. I believe so, it talks about Script Snippets and using Extended_Init_EventHandlers { class Man { init = "_this call (compile preprocessFileLineNumbers 'my_script.sqf')"; }; }; to call my script to usage, but I'm not sure how it'll work as I said I'm fairly new
  16. Hello there! This may be a shot in the dark but I'm hoping you can help as this is by far one of the best Conversation scripts I've come across, So I am using ALiVE to spawn Eastern Civillians in a Afghan Style Sim, I'm brand new to this coding aspect and don't understand how to make the talk action available with them
  17. Soo I know this thread is kinda old but any chance anyone can help me solve the problem of the addaction seems to double every time I respawn and I cant disable it as that stops it from working all together for some reason
  18. So I was able to try this out, removing the initServer and OnPlayerRespawn allow the Field repair to work and stops the breaching from working as it should. What would be the next step here? I am very new to scripting in the arma area
  19. just my script that i was executing from it no longer works, it was a vehicle repair script that i called using [] execVM "zlt_fieldrepair.sqf"; no longer gives the addaction displayed to allow vehicle repair, only started when i created initServer
  20. Thank you, putting it in playerrespawn solved the issue, although when i made the initServer.sqf for your script it broke another script i was using inside my init.sqf, is it possible you could help solve this?
  21. Jannings

    Realistic repair script

    So I have no clue if anyone could help me with this any longer but oh well he goes. So I was using this script perfectly when it was in my init.sqf document but then when a different breaching script im using called for me to make an initServer.sqf and follow their instructions for their stuff which i did as it now works, but the vehcile repair script has stopped working ever since. Please help!
  22. This is an amazing script that is adding the final touches to a MilitaryRP server we look to open in the near future but I seem to be running into a problem, while this is being run on a multiplayer server, if I die, I no longer have the MLS Breaching Action available to me? Please help!!