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  1. Ravage Mod

    Any news on Gibbing Zombies?
  2. Ravage Mod

    Thanks I found it under FIA.
  3. Ravage Mod

    How do I find the list of AI units spawned for Opfor and Indep in Ravage? I want to use GF script to change their loadout.
  4. GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    SO i name the folder as exactly the classname from the editor? I don;t understand how this works still.
  5. GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    Ok thanks I will try. Does Ravage spawn certain units or is random from the whole side?
  6. GF Exported Loadouts Script - Mod

    cool will try. how do I do seperate for East and Independent?
  7. GF Auto Random Loadout Script

    This code seems to work. other doesn;t for me. IS there a way to get some units on the samesaide, say east, to spawn with only A primary weapon, some with only a secondary? Or impossible?
  8. GF Auto Random Loadout Script

    thanks it works! some errors but ill try and fix. How can I make one for Independent side now?
  9. GF Set Custom Loadout Script

    What do I do with the new script? As I wanted different loadout for Independent side too. Just thought I would see yours first.
  10. GF Set Custom Loadout Script

    Just for OPfor enemy! I'm using Ravage. OPfor raiders. thanks!
  11. GF Set Custom Loadout Script

    I would appreciate that a lot. So: Uniform: "SE_Scavenger_Coat"; Vest: "SE_Armored_Eastern_Tactical_Vest_Black"; headgear: "SE_Ushanka"; Goggles: "SE_GP5"; Primary weapon: "CSW_M870"; Primary attachment: "CSW_M870_flashlight_normal"; :secondary "CUP_hgun_Makarov"; And with the equipment/ammo in the spoiler in the vest.
  12. No worries, he did say it was already in the game though as Bis_Headmeat1 or somethiing like that.
  13. No worries. Johnnyboy, any ideas? I've been trying to get this for ages. Happy to donate to the modder who creates it. Shouldn't be too hard for someone with skills, as Warfare Thai mod already has the feature sin, the creator just doesn't want to say what he did, I think because he changed Ryans Zds a lot with custom character skins etc.
  14. Van Deanson, any idea how to add gib effects to zombies? like in warfare thai. he added them to Ryans Z so wondering id possible to Rvaage zombies.
  15. GF Set Custom Loadout Script

    Still does not work. I put just one copy of SQF in misison folder - allunits.sqf Replaced code with the one you corrected above. Ran from SQF No change.