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  1. Jebediah Kerman 59

    Changelog 0.6.30146

    Oh mon Dieu !!! Ça c'est du bon travail. Vous entendez nos plaintes et vous corrigez. Vous êtes top, continuez je vous adore
  2. Jebediah Kerman 59

    Changelog 0.6.30000

    Hello to you, I am very bored, almost every beginning of the game I find myself with a black screen where it is written '' waiting player ''. So I can not do anything, I see nothing and share against other players can kill me! Similarly Crash, when we arrive in game and the game Crash we lose all the same when we return to the Shelter. Personally, I gave up a little because it's annoying to play and lose because of a bug. But what reassures me is your communication because of this I know we will have a game at the top in the end.