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    Project injury reaction

    Thank you so much your a real Arma hero I’ve been waiting for a mod like this. I have 2 questions 1 will you make it ACE compatible ? 2 will you make an unconscious state where they stay in it till they get medical aid?
  2. Will you add US military police uniforms?
  3. RedRaccoon7

    A large scale milsim scenario

    thank you for giving me your input, yes I do think of that and I was going to write something like "its best to be played using in-game chat" but yes obviously some people are not going to follow that. well, I was thinking to write it on the steam workshop page but really kinda simplify it. yes, I probably shouldt have written so much just to get inputs to see if people would like it, this honestly took me an hour to write lol way to much time just to get input on a mission. and on alerting the outside world of what happened, I still haven't thought of that yet. I was thinking that the commander would just choose like aright we should try to get guns and ammo so we're going here to get that like I would put where ammo and guns are stored on the map and stuff like that. so like they kinda would have the freedom to choose what to do to help the team. and yes I do agree I did write way to much and I will try to fix that if I continue to create this mission. yes, I agree but I have a lot of mission making hours that I only kept for myself and to use for my own missions and I just thought to put some of my skills out there however i might keep it but chnage it up a little cuz this a first for me making a multiplayer mission.
  4. Let me know what you think I just want to know if anyone would actually play this with there milsim groups and give me feedback so this just came up to my mind when I couldn't sleep one day. I've played arma a lot and have a lot of experience on the editor and I usually spend my time on the editor making missions and playing as Zeus and yeah. However, I decided to make my interest and skill come true and into use. I will briefly explain what I want in the mission and stuff like that but not all of it intel I start making the mission and new ideas come to my mind. now I have No experience in scripting but ill try my best to do some but no promises. when I make a Scenario I usually populate the whole map thin ill play Zeus and create little missions now I do see that being a problem for what I want in this Scenario. but I've seen some stuff get stretched before in that area but well see how it will work cuz we want to reduce frame Rate loss. so that's part of the reason I went with my favorite Arma map which is Stratis, Stratis is not that big of a map and what I like most is the many Military structures on it. This Scenario will have lots of reading before you play yes I know horrible right your probably already graduated high school and are like ugh reading. However, this is Key for the Scenario like absolutely key alright ill explain in detail why but let's just say some of the players cant know some things for ya know that Realism. this Scenario is to repersent a Military "disaster" and problems that arise like communication is jammed by a jammer and you have to rely on Signals and have designated Runners. this becomes a problem and adds to a realistic situation that could happen in a real-world situation, Which leads to problems like there are masses of friendly troops that are in a separated from communication and have no idea of what's happening and have no way to communicate and have no idea of what has been told of besides of what their situation is. you're also going to have to deal with the possibility of friendly fire incidents that can occur because of no radio communication with the A-10 pilot. ok, so I'll stop ranting on this part and go to the next section. ok so I've been thinking of making this a 64 player milsim Scenario and I will make a singleplayer zues version. let me know what you think of this I'm writing this to know if anyone is interested in this and I would like to see if milsim groups would actually play this. Back story The year is 2035 its kinda a alternate history in arma I guess. With tensions growing in the world that looks to be a 2nd cold war and countries are picking sides for what seems to be world war 3. this Scenario is set in Stratis, Greece, When Turkey decides to leave NATO for CSAT as they became close with Russia, Turkey allowed IRAN to move military assets into Turkey to help with air superiority and Naval superiority in the Mediterranean Sea and help capture small islands in there. Especially Stratis because with joint NATO country's of USA, BRITISH, and the new AAF forces to help protect the islands. they built a listening post and heavy radar to protect from the Buildup of CSAT forces in Turkey. Now with CSAT ready to start WW3 because of tensions with NATO, CSAT mainly made up of IRAN Forces mount a highly secretive mission to invade and take control of Stratis to help move their forces around for the main Invasion of mainly Italy, Greece and Spain. with Iran spying on the island heavily and learnigh of all the protocols to make sure no one will know that the island was taken over. With a radio jammer that is put down on the island to block all communications on the island except for Air station mike. with special forces taking over air statoin mike and an airborne drop of paratroopers and APCs to capture other military structures, And CSAT naval units on the airfield and a couple of ships that made there way to the island and dropped off support troops mainly on the airfield. there were fighting all around Stratis but CSAT knew what they were doing and captured the airfield in 40 mins and AirStation mike in 20 mins. any men that couldn't hold out had to flee and regrouped at Maxwell and wait for orders but however not everyone made it back there and are either dead or lost, and hiding and with no communication, nobody knows where people are. and many men are scattered everywhere and the situation is Fubar. The Scenario You only have one life unless you have saved imprisoned NATO soldiers by CSAT, you barely have any weapons and ammo, When you pick a class that's going to have a special role like. Doctor this Scenario will be using ACE and you will have a medical helicopter to help transport wounded men and also you have an ambulance and you will stay at Maxwell and tend to wounded. Helicopter pilots and crews there will be some helicopters that will be used to help support different units. Jet pilot 1 A-10 jet was able to take off from the airfield including 2 or more fighter planes. Runners, you will be running everywhere to relay messages intel you get radio equipment working or find new ones, survivors will be the main units that will have combat roles you will be trying to find weapons and help take different objectives to help the main goal ALERTING THE OUTSIDE OF WHAT HAPPENED. you could be placed all around the map of Stratis it will be randomized and you could be a lost soldier that lost his way but most will be at Maxwell because that where most men from the airfield regrouped at, this will be a mixture of US ARMY, US airforce, AAF, British forces there is also the US Navy but they will be located on a grounded ship that is stranded on the island. Commander, you are the man in charge and you tell people what to do and what missions should be done first and how they should be executed, there will be 30 missions to complete. zues because their cant be a milsim Scenario without you there to make sure everything goes alright and make sure there are no problems that may come up. there will be a couple more class roles, the whole island is crawling with CSAT forces and there are many dead bodies and crashed vehicles to loot for weapons and ammo. ok ill stop here to see what you guys think and let me know what types of smaller missions you would want to see.