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  1. I also have bought all DLCs separately: DLC bundle 1 + 2 + Apex. The thing is, I found the so-called "digital bonus content" that include in the old Deluxe Edition or Apex Edition are missing in the Ultimate Edition. I remember there're 3 items in bonus content: 1. Soundtrack 2. High resolution maps in PDF format 3. A digital book of tactical guide Thanks to your work, now the soundtrack is shown on the store as a standalone DLC, but the others are still unavailable @Homesick. It would be nice to add these stuff to the Ultimate Edition bundle, or at least make them available like the "Digital Deluxe Upgrade".
  2. The VLS should have a missile camera feed, but it seems broken for me. The panel shows “No Connection” all the time unless I access to VLS via Virtual Arsenal.
  3. @oukej You'd better check the SDB. It has quite similar (improper)behavior to the ARM. I believe this is also owing to the LOAL feature in current state: munitions always fly to the position marked by vehicle sensors. But why the ARH(AMRAAM, R77...) and LGB are still normal? They should have their autoSeek setted to 1. 1. It can lock on and hit COOLED-DOWN radar targets, just use the key “R” to cycle between them. 2. It can always hit the target without a solid lock(playing sound). 3. Its maneuverability is so “good” that it can fly backward to targets behind it(like the U-Turn of ARM). This picture illustrates all these issues.
  4. Of course it will, this is what LOAL is supposed to be. The vehicle sensors should only provide a initial position for the ARM to fly toward if you select a target with it, then the missile will depend on its own sensor(same to above) which knows no friendly or datalinked unit.
  5. Thanks for the reply. In LOAL mode the target's position isn't marked, but the missile can make U-Turn too(if close enough to the target). So I think there's also something wrong in the seeking phase: its own sensor(front hemisphere) can detect targets behind it. The loalDistance parameter should control this. This is most likely to happen during the first several shots in a scenario. Almost all kinds of missiles with LOAL ability may cause this issue, like ARM, R77 and new SAM. I tested with about 5 units per time.
  6. @oukejWhat about adding engine warm-up time for jets(just like vanilla helicopters)? I think it's very easy to implement.
  7. I found some major issues of the new ARM. 1. It can track ground targets that have NO RADAR. e.g: Target a tank(like T-100) with cannon or IR missile, switch to ARM and shoot, then the missile will try to track the tank(but may not hit precisely everytime). 2. It can track target without completing the lock progress. Not sure if it's intented. 3. It can perform U-Turn if the acquired target is behind it. This also appears in LOAL mode: Set a radar target somewhere below your plane and dumb fire the ARM to the horizon, then you will see the horrible U-turn after a few seconds. 4. In its LOAL mode, the “auto seek” stage is way too late and too close from the target, which cause it always hasn't enough time to turn towards the target and may miss the shot. e.g: Dumb fire the ARM at 3km away from the target(aim at it), the missile will fly straightly until it reaches the range of less than 150m, followed by a sharp turn. 5. This is an issue of all kinds of missiles with LOAL(Maddog) ability: When a dumb fired missile starts to auto seek target(steer), it sometimes cause lags or massive FPS drop. Here's some other questions. When an ARM is homing in on a target: 1. If the target turns its radar off, will the missile try to hit its last position or just lose control? 2. If the target turns on radar again, will the missile keep track it?