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  1. TomAuk

    FJELLKANTEN hidden tunnel

    When i found this the other day it got me thinking, the locked gate would be good if there was a weapon crate behind it and you can only find the key to open the gate on one of the other maps ? Gives players an incentive to play all the maps
  2. TomAuk

    Vigor squads

    Duo's is viable but squads would not work with the current maps they are too small. I think loot would also be an issue with squads there wouldn't be enough to go round not to mention 1 loot crate between 4.
  3. I also found this, see game clip below for map location https://xboxclips.com/TomA uk/00dbe8b5-5351-4820-9646-0354689d4252/embed
  4. TomAuk

    Vigor Day One-Review

    Solid post, nice to see a positive outlook on the game, lots of people focusing on the negative Blue prints for ammo - you can craft ammo when you get the gun blueprint
  5. TomAuk

    Would you like to see a FP mode?

    I think it would be good but its then how do you implement it; If you add it to the game as an option for either it will be at a disadvantage for 1st person players or add servers for 1st person only splits the player base which might make it harder to find/fill games.
  6. it always happened mid game for me but i'm sure that happens. They will sort these issues i'm sure
  7. I'm baffled by people's expectations of this game, there was nothing said by the developers to say there would be new content at the start of the founders pack release only that you would get access to the game. This is an alpha version of a game and players are shocked there are bugs and teething problems. It has potential and i'm sure most of the issues and new content will be added in the coming months, be patient and supply feedback it will all come good in the end #whatifhumanityfalls
  8. 3 times last night midway through a game the game froze then kicked me off to the xbox home screen. 1) i died and the player walked up to my loot then the game crashed and kicked me off 2) walking around the map looting and i got a audio loop, game froze then kicked me off 3) i was extracting, just held down the x button and the game froze and kicked me off(luckily the loot i gathered saved on this occasion) 3 different instances so not sure what the issue could be. These things happen just got to take it on the chin
  9. Seems to be when you loot a weapon with ammo in the bullets bug in your inventory and only get removed by loading into a new match or restarting vigor altogether. you don't lose the ammo its just loaded into the looted weapon
  10. TomAuk

    first day..

    I hear what your saying there is defiantly some teething problems i get annoyed like most when the game crashes and you lose your stuff but it is an alpha release after all, expectations need to be lowered for some people and put our faith that in a few months these issues will have been ironed out and the game can flourish to its potential *crosses fingers and toes
  11. TomAuk


    I think this is when you loot a weapon it has ammo in the gun clip/magazine so it bugs out and goes into your inventory and only removes when you load into a game or restart vigor altogether.
  12. TomAuk

    thing that need to help the game.

    The guns are supposed to be like that, they have gone for a more realistic approach to the weapons rather than call of duty esk spray and pray. I suggest hitting the shooting range at your shelter to get a feel for the weapons before you take it into action. Close range combat needs some work admittedly so my advice is to keep your distance where possible.
  13. TomAuk

    First day of Vigor

    The guns act more realistic than most xbox games regarding recoil etc. You can't just hold down the trigger on auto, the cross hairs are quite large so you may have been missing shots and moving while shooting also affects aim. As Desode Drizzt suggests go into the firing range and get a feel for the weapons, i always single fire and try land shots more consistent than hold the trigger and hoping for the best. Admittedly the close quarter combat can be a little dodgy atm so i try to keep my distance as you can run into the woods and run for the hills if things turn south
  14. They never said there was going to be anything new in the game when the founders pack released, not sure how they tricked you? The pay element is just to play the game before February 2019 and the founders pack rewards. They will improve and add things in time, Rome wasn't built in a day.
  15. TomAuk


    This is something the devs are aware of and will be working on but there is not overnight fix i'm afraid