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  1. Hello, sorry for not being active for a while. I had forgot to check in on my topic. Anyway I the "Picture I_Plane_Fighter_04_F not found" error away, but the plane is displyed weird. Here is a picture:
  2. I have tested it now and it said "Picture I_Plane_Fighter_04_F not found" but I have it saved on my desktop as a jpeg, why can´t arma find it? Btw how to I insert images on a topic? Anyway thanks for all replies!
  3. Thanks, for the info I will check it out! Btw my resolutions are about 100
  4. I have exported the jpeg file to my mission folder and I have named it JAS1. The problem is when I click "Local exec" nothing happens, the texture stays the same. This is what is looks like from the Debug console: JAS1 setObjectTexture [01, "JAS1.jpeg"]; What is wrong?
  5. Hello! I have been trying to make a wheelchair (Yes a wheelchair!) go faster (It currently goes about 12-14 km/h) I would like it to go 200 km/h. I can´t figure it out my self, I have tested to use "limitSpeed" and "setVelocity" but the problem is that I am not really so good at scripting so I would like to get some help to get it the script to work. Thanks!
  6. isakk12

    Project - Vertical Lift 2035

    It looks amazing! I have allways wanted to fly the V-280 Valor in Arma 3!
  7. Hello! I would just want to what an amazing and beautiful map you have done! Really good work! May I ask which countries you where inspired of? Scandinavia, Sweden Norway ,Finland? Anyway great map! 🙂
  8. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Ok, I will check it out.
  9. isakk12

    New Csat dlc?

    I was just wondering, if a new like ship dlc for the csat would be possible?
  10. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Yea, it is hard to script everything. I think I got what I needed, time to close this topic...
  11. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Yea, that would be cool to see in-game. But it would mean a lot of scripting and modding.
  12. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    What if arma had air to air refueling? If you see it from this point: The V-44X and the Y-32 Xi'an have both a refueling boom, so it may work. What do you guys think?
  13. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Maybe if you play as infantry and has the choice to call in a v-44X gunship?
  14. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    I totaly agree with you, it are no Campaign in arma 3 that you can fly a blackfish in. I would like to see some Campaigns with choppers and gunships.
  15. isakk12

    Adding x-44 gunship Campaign?

    Ok, do you know any coop x-44 missions?