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  1. I'm not sure if the servers are down but I have been trying to get the game to work for last hour and can't even get to my shelter when u are greeted with the screen saying press a to start u do and goes into long loading screens but will put me back to the screen saying press a to start but now with an added message of "Error during communication with cloud service" why I thought it would fit the title. I have restarted my Xbox and my router and no budge I am wondering if any else has dealt with this problem and have any solutions. Any help at all will be greatly appreciated.
  2. JollyColt

    weapon blueprints

    Thats what it used to be bro I like this system more just not that u have to use crowns as much
  3. JollyColt

    Update to V1.0.0.44091

    U pay and get the founders pack and comes with jacket not a special code bro
  4. JollyColt

    Update to V1.0.0.44091

    But did we really need a new knife and a another double barrel shotgun?
  5. JollyColt

    In game challenges

    My challenge is to get ten SMG kills but for some reason even though the sumoi is called a SMG in game doesn't count
  6. JollyColt

    weapon blueprints

    Atleast it's not a duplicate
  7. JollyColt

    Update to V1.0.0.44091

    Update: it's working love new guns hope ain't like last time when they added a bunch it broke the game
  8. JollyColt

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    Sometimes u can't tell if u see there back if they even have a gun why should we guess twice and maybe die because we didn't want to shoot them. Maybe after they introduce VoIP but not before.
  9. JollyColt

    Update to V1.0.0.44091

    Well let's not hope it's another wipe so soon🤞🤞
  10. JollyColt

    weapon blueprints

    I must have the worst luck ever in this game as me and my partner spent crowns to get blue crates he almost got a blueprint in each set and I went through six sets of blue crates to get my first one that's 810 crowns for a single blueprint no we didn't die likely but seems a bit extreme
  11. JollyColt

    Bug Reporting (Indestructible Enemies)

    I have a video on my Xbox of putting 120 bullets into someone with the ADR and only 3 hit it's the sever being confused or lagging I believe so
  12. JollyColt

    Having Proper Vigor Etiquette

    I kill them because fav it there full of loot and if they find a gun they ain't gonna think twice
  13. JollyColt

    Update to V1.0.0.44091

    It's the same for me I got really excited 🙄🙄 I've tried restarting nothing worked so far.
  14. JollyColt

    Are admins listening to us?

    They update there Facebook more than this so maybe if u really want to contact them that would be the more efficient way
  15. JollyColt

    What is food for?

    Only thing I could find is out back by the waterfall u can give it to the less fortunate it says and u can see how much ur freinds have given all it seems so far is a bragging right hope there's more to it in the future
  16. JollyColt

    .9 weapons

    Yes a lot of weapons have been removed and some new weapons added
  17. JollyColt

    Bought game but no founder pack?

    On the Xbox store or any store I think u can only buy the founders pack it has technically no advantages to other players rn as everyones got the founders pack as it lets u play the game early before official free to play release u should of gotten I think it's 1200 crowns I can't rember but that's sucks man😂😂
  18. JollyColt

    weapon blueprints

    Sorry I have a question on a similar topic about the airdrop well u be removing duplicate airdrops because I feel like it's a waste of my crowns to spend when all grades of the airdrop have duplicate airdrops
  19. JollyColt

    Are coins going to be returned after wipe?

    In the initial posts from introducing them they said it will be all refunded and want us to play with the system hope it stays that way
  20. JollyColt

    Help! Lost all my upgrades, shelter level

    Quit and restart the game happen s to a lot of people
  21. JollyColt

    Meet the new Update 0.7: Breach

    What's ment by duo air drop is that both people get it?
  22. JollyColt

    So is it actually wiser to ...

    U can just crouch now to avoid getting knifed
  23. Any heads up for when the update will hit?
  24. JollyColt


    I've met random people in game and we teamed up we couldn't speak but helped each other in fights