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  1. GimbleFIN_

    Ammo removing

    It's a bug everybody has it. Hopefully is already fixed but not yet released to customers.
  2. GimbleFIN_

    Broken shooting

    They are already working on it.
  3. 1) Good to hear thanks! It's very subjective sometimes I enable one of those options in some games to gain advantage. Usually it's the minimaps with helluvalot stuff on it (like on COD etc.) Or other indications. In Vigor there aren't many markers which is like it being "realistic" in a way. The problem atm. Is only this one marker that indicate own position causing me some trouble not sure how others feel about it. I would prefer to choose color, probably would go with white/yellow or something. Also a slight "animation/changing color" on it would probably make it even better. 2) So rather than running and staring a map you would stop in total stand still, while some people are after you with a gun and maybe getting you on the sight right that moment....no I don't think you would do that :D You would move at least a little bit. That what Human instincts tell you to do under that kind of threat. And it's totally realistic to take a glimpse on map while moving. I'm not saying you should be able to sprint while checking out the map and put markers etc, but walking or some other middle ground could make sense here. Total stand still "feel wrong" due to mentioned reason.
  4. GimbleFIN_

    Attacking players shelter

    Hope they will never even think about implementing this nonsense. I would probably drop game immediately, I don't want to have to worry about my stuff being raided by no-lifes while I'm having a real life.
  5. GimbleFIN_

    Server Tic rate?

    Rainbow Six Siege. Back then it made a significant difference to "feeling how smooth the gameplay was" when it was patched. https://wccftech.com/rainbow-siege-patch-13-detailed-server-tick-rate-improvement-coming-consoles-today/
  6. See pic: https://xboxclips.com/GimbleFIN/screenshots/d16acc63-b10e-443a-9577-9a9029b8d5c8
  7. GimbleFIN_

    Changelog 0.5.25128

    This bug still reproducible. The player character somehow appears to be "out from sync" or something. You can't pick up dead guys crate or anything else. After a little while I was recovered from that state and could pick up that same crate that was impossible before. This bug appears to happen often after a fight. https://xboxclips.com/GimbleFIN/8756df16-d485-40e1-b47f-65971822542c
  8. My assumption is #2 is trying to be solved with this but with expected player population it's nowhere near to be solved and team play will continue to happen as before. In fact I'm not even sure if this an improvement or just annoying while not being able to see that if match will start sometime soon, or are you maybe just sitting alone in queue and it's not even going to start for ages -> change map. (waste of precious playing time) I hope players in queue feature (or some other indication that shows progress of game either starting or not) is restored later. My proposal_still is to add quick match option with separate queue and random map for those who want to have better change to play Solo and not facing a Team in every game. Hope this is on backlog, maybe it is but needs more work to be implemented? It's expected that even a proper Duo mode will not solve the "Teams in Solo" -problem. I see the problem staying unfortunately.
  9. GimbleFIN_

    Server Tic rate?

    Really? Nobody has a clue about tic rate? Even developers, or is this a secret for some reason!? Hope it's going to be smoother experience tonight. Other than this little "clumsiness" the game have already proven being awesome, very well done from dev team!
  10. GimbleFIN_

    Talk about getting double teamed

    From what I hear Duos are coming later. However still this "playing Duo in Solo" -problem needs to be somehow sorted out.
  11. GimbleFIN_

    Server Tic rate?

    From gameplay I can tell the Server Tic rate atm. is not very high right? This definitely is playing a significant role in "gunplay akwardness" some players are experiencing and complaining atm. Is there a change that Tic rate is raised at later phase to improve overall gameplay? https://www.nbnco.com.au/blog/entertainment/what-is-tick-rate-and-what-does-it-do.html
  12. GimbleFIN_

    Couldn you add a metric for knowing ping?

    A clear numbers XX ms to server is a preference. I dunno what's up with that often we see those green or red or whatever bars for whatever reason, and you can't tell what it indicates. While on PC it's always XX ms. Is the assumption that console players are so stupid that they don't know what Ping means? Hope not... Well lately we have seen proper Ping indication like in RS: Siege, Darwin Project etc...however they had dropped it in Darwin Project and I was pointing out in their Discord at some point that why you drop good stuff from console version? After a little while it was visible there also on console version. Good information, it can tell you if you have a connection problem before you even join a game...it's always painful to first join game and then realize your other Xbox is downloading 30 G update for PUBG or whatever...
  13. GimbleFIN_

    Hitching & Stuttering

    Good idea to have indication. Forums could use some other fine tuning as well like own dedicated sections for bugs etc.
  14. GimbleFIN_

    Hitching & Stuttering

    Before starting to be a smartass it's helpful to check the forums. This is an Xbox only game. Have have seen this too, what didn't come to my mind was to take video need to remember next time if it occurs. One of the worst bugs atm. and I think I never saw it earlier it started like Friday so. Might be backend related too, client is still the same I believe. Or maybe I was just lucky not to see it much last week...