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  1. GimbleFIN_

    Team players in solo matches.

    This is a big issue and been discussed earlier, one big part why I have now dropped playing Vigor while most of the time I palyed Solo. Have got impression dev team doesn't care. Can just hope they will at some point, there is a reason why this has been implemented in different way in PUBG for example. And the issue even wouldn't be so critical there as it is here. Current implementation can totally destroy fun and fairness in Vigor.
  2. GimbleFIN_

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    There is nothing to argue, while this is the fact. The grind is just too awful and not going to repeat the arguments while they can be found on my previous posts. No matter how many time you reply and tell obvious things that most of us already know isn't going to change anything. Only development team can make the change, or should I say also not be implementing changes that they have done. Especially Fking with Shelter parameters should've obviously be a NOGO! They still decided to piss off their small but dedicated playerbase and did that. Long time ago came here from PUBG and I've had so much so much good times with Vigor, but I've had enough and now it's time to "go back home"
  3. GimbleFIN_

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    Yes, Honestly it's very bad for person having also other life than gaming. It used to be ok when it was 50 LVL, now it's unachievable withing reasonable gaming time. You would need to forget all other games and play solely Vigor, that's not ok assumption. Also Legacy season progression is total joke, it now takes like half a yer or something to complete one LOL. One thing also that pisses me off is that it's unpredictable how much you still have to go while for whatever reason amount of XP needed for each level is changing. You really can't "schedule" your gaming, not possible to make a plan how you going to get there. Like I mentioned started playing PUBG again, there also you need to play significant hours to complete Battle Pass. But it's nowhere near as bad as Vigor, and all levels are equal so you always have an idea that how much you have to still go. I dunno what happened to my favorite game, seems like they want people to pay money to complete Battle Pass or something. But in my case exactly opposite is going to happen, sometimes when I feel developer has done good progress I might buy something to just support them. But now after all this crap not going to happen. Sounds bad, I have no clue while have not played anymore this season. Just noticed that Shelter was F'd up. Never went to even single encounter after found out that Battle Pass is crap also this season 😞
  4. GimbleFIN_

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    Wtf you changed Rat traps too to have less capacity. 😲 Oh no! You shouldn't have done that, there are people that have payed actual money to get their shelter to a certain level. And now you start nerfing it and make it even more painful to get resources being forced to log in constantly!? Wow...I'm speechless. Okay the "75 LVL battle Pass from Hell" and ruining Legacy Battle Pass progression were the main issues. But I assumed, like probably everyone else too that Shelter is "untouchable" for obvious reasons. This now sealed it: I'm uninstalling Vigor right now. Nerfed Rat trap :(
  5. GimbleFIN_

    Grind is awful, goodbye Vigor :(

    So, 75 it is again. I was hoping to hop back into Vigor this Season, from PUBG that I have been enjoying recently. Btw. PUBG is in VERY good shape now with current gen console, AND it has reasonable Battle Pass unlike here. But apparently not going to be option to switch back, like subject says goodbye Vigor 😞 Will miss you!
  6. GimbleFIN_

    Dual account screen sniping

    Worst cheater babys can get creative, pathetic actually. Also another problem is Duo joining Solos and after one dies he tells where and what rest of the players are doing. One Dumb ass even had a Twitch stream playing like this!! He was then offended when I told him in the chat to grow some balls, stop this immediately and play proper Duo. Not sure, maybe free spectating in Solo should be just disabled totally? While there is SO MUCH cons about it, and I really don't see much Pros? I barely never stay and spectate others after I die. I just prefer to pick up another game immediately. If not totally disable spectating in solo to deal with all these different types of cheatings, then maybe it would already help a lot if it was like in PUBG. That you could only spectate the player who eliminated you and can't cycle. It would at least partly solve this. It's important that it's always fair game. It's very bad when players feel cheated, they will leave and pick some other game to play. I agree! All forms of "spectate cheating" has to go away, the sooner the better!
  7. Subject says it all. Number of my friends seem to already dropped the game. While it seems impossible to complete this season, grind is just too much. Only way to recover is to throw like double XP every weekend or so maybe. I play too much, but not sure if even I can make it. If it stays like this probably will be my last season. Been around since Xbox Preview Day 1 so it's kinda difficult to say goodbye, but not ok with Grind like this 😞 Edit: Correction, not even Double XP weekends help enough. Would have to be double XP enabled for longer period of time, so that players would actually have hope and try to deal with this season in reasonable playtime.
  8. GimbleFIN_

    Completely out if sync

    That has happened to me also once. Instead of waiting all day I just quit the game and restarted. Then it worked fine, no biggy. Video is good, you clearly just missed. Get over it.
  9. GimbleFIN_

    Completely out if sync

    I haven't been noticing anything special about hit registration lately. It would help a lot if you grap a clip about what you have experienced, so other ppl would have a clue what you are talking about?
  10. GimbleFIN_

    And they did it again

    They are not obsolete, they are ment to be planted somewhere and when someone with full health triggers you finnish the job by shooting or whatever before they heal. Planting 3 bombs somewhere and then leave to other side of map or whatever is very cheap tactic, they definitely are not designed for that. That is not fun, well people see and feel things differently but I wouldn't feel any "good feeling of achievement" after performing such a chicken kill. To me this sound like a good change. Booby traps should be dealt with too, so that you can only put one at one place.
  11. Finally! Greetings to the team: Thank you for implementing this, no more Jake's Peckers 🙂
  12. After nearly 1500 Encounters this is still an issue for me and many other players. Just died_again after used sniper and then switched weapon, assault rifle was on ADS mode and it was a hassle jadajadaja...so annoying. This should be changed that shoulder aim is default after weapon switch. I talk about game almost everyday with other players in chat, I still haven't met one who thinks current implementation is good. Please consider to get this on par with other games. It's would be also one small step to make game easier to approach and learn for new players.
  13. GimbleFIN_

    UI Bugs after 10.1 update

    Maybe one of the the worst UI-Bug in current implementation is that sometimes you can't interact with item like Drop here in this example. This bug is also reproducible if you shoot someone on top of the locked container and then try to interact with lock on top of container...you can't, while similar than in below video interaction is force-locked on victims body. I'm not sure if this can also repro near safe or other items, but devs & Testers please check it out while fixing and verifying this. Check out the video from link below. So far confirmed where repro is Drop and top of locked container. Grenade was blown near Drop before this occurred, I also was looting earlier on Drop but had to cancel while that dead guy was camping it and started shooting. Not sure if me looting it earlier or grenade had something to do with this? On the locked container scenario probably the dead guy had touched lock before I shot him. https://gamerdvr.com/gamer/gimblefin/video/149329509
  14. GimbleFIN_

    Vigor Not Loading (Sad Face)

    Hopefully you already have done "hard reset reboot on a console" ? If not do that first. To perform a hard restart, hold the power button for 10 seconds while the system is on. The system will turn off. When you hit the button again, it will start and display the green start-up screen. All your data is preserved, but cache is cleared and some settings are reverted and log-in or game start issues are resolved. If that didn't sort it out, then try to delete save game data and give it another go.
  15. GimbleFIN_

    Make it Rain bundle ???

    Subject says it all. What is it? I've been around while I have no clue? Now crowns? In Dev. stream you guys talked about how to introduce new players better? ...how about some bundle with crowns so that's easier for new players to hop in! Honestly I have now clue what this is? I redeemed it' but I didn't notice anything anywhere. What is it? Some description would be nice, but I guess it's not crowns, so new players will suffer also on Christmas time right?