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  1. snoopynator

    Camper idea

    I loved bird idea... if someone stay near an exit for a long time, just add vulture in the sky.. no sound but if 10 vulture stay in the sky, somethings wrong there 🙂
  2. snoopynator

    how to deal with campers and cheaters

    bring detector with you, easy to find campers with that !!!
  3. snoopynator


    welcome in Vigor !!! It seem that Vigor has moved into a COD like game
  4. snoopynator

    Prep work for season 8

    I did it last time, cool to get a few level at the beginning with x20 % of Xp etc. I just hope that they removed their campers and ambush ridiculous stuff, the bombing . To be honnest it's easy to camp if you want... think about it ! This time, I stop at level 35, not much time to play this time.
  5. snoopynator

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    THis one is easy to add, like in the cool water... - They start taking damage But keep in mind that it's not run and gun game I think. It's need a lot of different kind of player to make a game funny to play. Sometimes, ambush are an issue.. Campers too when you are tracking by two players that play together in solo mode too...
  6. snoopynator

    Campers/Mortar Strikes/Alarm - DISTRACTING

    Agree that this "camping issue" is not a real issue. I saw campers this season and they just modify there manner to do it.. I hope that the noise and other stupidity remove in the next season.
  7. snoopynator

    Fix your damned servers

    I smiled but it happen to me a lot of time too. Two kind of issue, the video memory stuff and a cloud time-out were I think that servers are over booked.
  8. question is how to make a difference between ambush and camper ??? IMO, this mortar or other kind of notification is ridiculous 🙂 Why not mark player that have a ratio of 1.75 kill.. I saw a lot of player from past month with 200 game and more the 350 kill... haaaa I forgot... Call of Vigor !!
  9. snoopynator

    Season 7 killing vigor

    Tellement ridicule cette mise a jour. Le jeux est un jeux de survivaliste, pas un COD. Les joueurs qui aiment "chasser" les autres joueurs devraient passé a autre choses. Souvent ceux qui chialnet contre les "camper", sont en fait les plus gros camper de la map LOL. Perso : c'est ma derniere saison de vigor, no more money for this COD style survivalist game. VIGOR you lost your soul with this one ! Desolé, je mélange les langues hahaha
  10. snoopynator

    Aniti camping in a game based on stealth and hiding wtf

    Welcome to Vigor of Duty !!!! Why be different when you can be like others game outside.. Vigor team you missed this one !
  11. snoopynator

    new season

    Normally, create follow with you at the next season
  12. snoopynator

    Помогите разобраться

    Привет, Когда вы говорите «преимущество», вы говорите о льготах? У меня такая же проблема с этим преимуществом, поищите на форуме, в поддержке, мы не единственные.
  13. snoopynator

    GamePass Ultimate Perk

    Haaaa cool I'm not the only one.... same issue and microsoft said : ask Bohemia... Then : hey Bohemia, can you fix it.. I just opened a ticket for that. thanks for help
  14. hi It will be nice to see the recycling tab.. converted into a kind of market place where we can convert stuff for material ( like the recycling tab ) but also get the possibility to exchange metal scrap for material in a precise ratio or converted food into other things etc A small cabin can be add to the camp for this purpose. No interaction with other players, no auction house.. fix ratio only to keep it fair for all.