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  1. snoopynator

    season 5

    seem to be cool, map can be choose 🙂
  2. snoopynator

    Most frustating game I've played

    in canada, 2 to 4 minutes, lobby 35 sec and rarely crashing. 250 mb fiber internet bi-directionnal.
  3. snoopynator

    to hard to play with crossplay

    I play a few games with cross-platform and I have the same thinking: xbox, pc, sony and others are not on the same level when cross platform is used in a game. i'm Xbox for info.
  4. snoopynator

    Is it possible to play Vigor on PC?

    cross platforn ruined game like MW2, warzone. Think just about auto target, The world of console don't need this kind of mix. Let Pc mod with PC. If you modify your xbox too much, you will be banned. Anyway, mod an xbox is harder then a PC. So the volume of cheater in xbox world is very low.
  5. snoopynator

    Maps being stripped down

    Zombie 🙂 if, when you die in the map.. you "revive" as a zombie to kill others players and take their loot... then the loop has no end..
  6. snoopynator

    5 extra slots

    consumables and bullets should be on a specific pouch... like a 10 slots. It will calm down a few guys that go hunting with 200 ammo 😉
  7. snoopynator

    Flashbangs, Pipe Bombs and Handgrenades!

    In fact, like you say, it's post-apocalypse... so HOW all this stuff should be available. A few gun, one or two other riffle, a few knife and basta. Post-apocalypse.. survival... it's not a game sponsor by the NRA 🙂
  8. snoopynator


    just a simple question : where's the loot !!! All of the long house are now pretty empty if you compare with a few week... If someone can explain the goal of all this kind of "ordinary" modification.. I dont understand, the game lost more in my point of vue. We are now in the killing mode, were you need to kill all others to have a decent loot Can you just change the description of the game : not a survival game were you need to loot stuff on a map to a Killing game, where you kill and loot. I know it's difficult to be original in the world of game. But you are droping slowly in the path of all other's killing game. rip Vigor !
  9. snoopynator

    Flashbangs, Pipe Bombs and Handgrenades!

    hummm like call of duty 🙂 add betty and claymor
  10. snoopynator


    I remember Vigor without any kind of stats. Curiously, the kind of player that kill for fun arrived just when stats were there a few week before. Stats just give them the fun and feel the power of being the one with 5000 killed. It's easy to kill person when they loot stuff, maybe they should try to grow and get back to fortnite or other game like that.
  11. snoopynator

    Battery Draug??

    In map with loot, I loot... but when loot it's spread all around 1 of glass etc, I prefer to wait for a "victims" and take his stuff. Sick of running all the map for nothing except bullets from others players.
  12. snoopynator

    Duo player rewards

    personnaly, I share with the random players.. leave a few stuff in the safe, same in the buried cache. But this is not the usual, a lot of time players are just like they never get things and the keep all for them.. ( like the kids sometimes lol ) Be gentle with others.. it's a game, have fun and share !
  13. snoopynator

    suggestion for the future

    HI all, a few suggestions : - remove all point for kill and all kind of reward link to kill in the game ( maybe it will stop the migration of player who think that Vigor is just another Apex style game - add sharing point when in team you share box etc - add a pouch for ammo ( distinct from the bag ) - remove artillery, portable detector etc.. it's help killer's - add more to the shelter, fishing camp etc - bring back the spirit of Vigor, a survivalist game where you have to build stuff, not just killing others - add bonus point were you meet others players without killing it ( can be a few place in map where players can reach to meet ) - add a kind of market, where you can sold or exchange fuel, nails etc But one more important: bring back map that we can select.. random map are like, played the same map 4 time in a row yesterday.... thanks, the game is still fun to play, but I think it goes in a direction where you will lost Vigor players and get Apex and other kind of killer's game like that. Ciao !
  14. snoopynator

    Bullets in crates

    I think that bullets should have is own pouch.. not to be count as place in the bag.. Or, when you find it and keep it, point should be grant at the end like for fuel etc
  15. snoopynator

    Carrying abilities

    I agree 😉 and all the amo should be out of the bag... they should'nt take place in the bag