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  1. snoopynator

    Audio-BUG with Dolby Atmos for Headphones

    The audio on this game is not all the time good. To much level for a guy walking 300 feet away versus a guy just near you....
  2. snoopynator

    the plane sound

    Where's the plane sound... In the same time.. the ping sound from the personnal detector is not functiooning too. I hate text remark.. I prefere sound... thanks
  3. snoopynator

    Randomness in Vigor is getting killed

    JUst check when you got killed... the ratio of a lot of players is incredible.. Yesterday: the guy has 3244 kills for 1234 game ... and this is not the only one. MOre and more from the last 3 month are like that.. So two things: there's a cheat somewhere that I not aware ( very possible ), or there a lot of people that need strong medical stuff to help then to pass over COVID 😉 Bohemia.. it's not my firt post or reply.. you drop the ball to the killing players. You got a great game etc, but you just drop your base players for the killing one. RIP Vigor !
  4. snoopynator

    Portable Signal Detector just to often in use

    they always limit by two the number of PSD you can have in the inventory... It's shure that 3 x 2 😉 6 PSD . Maybe to add a timer that nor allow you to use it until the next two minutes...
  5. snoopynator

    Map rotation

    They should bring back the list of all map and you play the one that you like more. At a few moment, I stopped play... because of the choice of the map.
  6. snoopynator

    explore mode

    hey dev team It could be fun to have access to a new mode like one that give players to access all map, but in a exploration mode.. no game.. alone just to be able to explore. For new players, to be more inform about all map should be a plus . thanks
  7. snoopynator


    I like fishing 🙂
  8. snoopynator

    new map

    hi, I will be cool to have a map like, kind of underground shelters connected to other by tunnel. Tunnel can be in part destroy an accessible by hole in the ground or by well access. On the top of these shelter a normal map, with trees etc. shelter on tunnel should not be too much clear, twiligt style... Just to give more close combat stuff . too much sniper or scope in vigor 🙂
  9. snoopynator

    Lobby weather cycle

    perso, I prefer map with rain, snow etc. Night will be cool too. I hate fully sun, to much sniper !!
  10. It will be interesting to have a kind of "sandbox". A place where we can explore all the map of Vigor alone, no game... just to explore without any drop, case etc. Sandbox 🙂 thks
  11. snoopynator

    Grenade feedback

    I tried it too, not impress. IT's on the same idea of bomb etc, not enough letal. Trow it in water 🙂 funny reaction !
  12. snoopynator

    Report System

    Who will be the judge of the level of harassement ? I mean, it's easy for a players to report you just for fun, just because he's not happy because you kill him etc. In xbox, you can blocked him... you can report him directly for xbox for harassement and they will check. I can see there a new feature that will put players at mercy of other players that think that they are "victim of everything" in a position of judge and executioner. This kind of feature should be not automatic, need to be done by the "game owner". my2cents
  13. snoopynator

    level 50 and loose of XP

    Fact is that I dont have any interest for playing just for killing others... then, when I see the ammount of Xp that goes to the cloud 😉 Then I think that "losing" all this xp is not for motivating players.
  14. snoopynator

    level 50 and loose of XP

    Hey, It will be very cool to have a manner to keep all te XP that we do AFTER we reach level 50. Seperate bank maybe ? to be apply to the next season ? We did it and we loose it, not very interesting to play after level 50. Or you can converted it in crate, gold on or blue etc, but I prefer xp bank... thanks
  15. snoopynator

    Duffel bag idea

    I like it... can be a good trap for shooting at players :-). Let this box in a good spot, wait with a sniper then bang !