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    3den Enhanced

    Hey, I Love this mod and use it in every mission! Currently I‘m developing a dynamic mission that needs hostages, but I can‘t create them in the editor, they need to be added in a script. For that I wanted to read your source code to find out how you implemented your great system, but the github link returns 404, I can only find the translations. So, is there any way for me to access to source for the hostage functionality?
  2. Hello guys, I have a mission with an integrated construction system. Players can build fortifications, I use createVehicle locally on the client for that. Some of the created objects also have eventHandlers attached to them. I now want to allow saving and later resuming the mission. I got it mostly working, however 2 questions remain: 1. Will objects created using createvehicle on a client be saved and restored? 2. I read somewhere that variables added via setVariable will be saved, what about eventHandlers though? Do I have to redo them after resuming the mission from a savegame? Thanks for all tips and guidance in advance, you guys have been of so much help already! Leander