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  1. Yep, a bug with the respawn system. Go ahead and make a ticket here: feedback.bistudio.com I recommend that you write your own solution if you don't want these inconsistencies. It's kind of the issues with modules, a lot of them are bugged.
  2. (not tested) if(count(backpackItems select {_x isKindOf "Rifle"}) > 0) then { };
  3. ex: //init field [this] call mud_fnc_init; //mud_fnc_init: params[["_unit",objNull,[objNull]]]; //_unit is editor reference to unit
  4. mudnut

    Force player pace

    Afaik it is indeed impossible to emulate input from a script in terms of movement. (It's possible to an extent with ctrls). I believe movement is driven by animation, so you could try using switchMove (biki) or playMoveNow (biki) (the latter being my preferred method) and play a walking animation on the unit with these commands. Of course you may find there may be missing pieces from the movement and you could end up now being able to rotate or cancel the animation. I cannot currently test this, so report back if you have any time to.
  5. mudnut

    AI Spot Distance

    The above you posted is for the config CfgAISkill. To set a unit's spotting distance without the need for a config mod then use the following: _unit setSkill["spottingDistance",yourDistanceHere]; //or if you are executing local to unit player setSkill["spottingDistance",yourDistanceHere]; OR, if you do indeed plan on changing CfgAISkill via config you'll need to make a mod. Here is a link about replacing configs: ArmA 3 Replacement Config Tutorial keep in mind, (as said in CfgAISkill page you linked) that these sub skill configs are used to define skill curve.
  6. Why spend efforts on something that probably wasn't in the budget / roadmap internally? Especially when a scripted solution by a user could be created quickly and work just as well?
  7. private allAI = allUnits select {!isPlayer _x}; private allMedicAI = _allAI select {_x getUnitTrait "Medic"}; { _x addEventHandler["Hit", { (selectRandom allMedicAI) action["Heal",(_this select 0)]; //etc etc }]; } forEach _allAI; probably not the best example but it was the first thing of the top of my head. But, this functionality is pretty easily scripted. You can modify this to make sure they aren't healing under fire, or even to expand upon it further; to drag the unit out of combat.
  8. Position Changed "Custom EVH" Hi all, this script executes code with given parameters and one passed parameter (new position of unit) upon the unit changing positions. Here is the script, the header should explain how to use it thoroughly enough: Thanks to Commy2 for the help and feedback! If there is any bugs or you want to give some feedback let me know!
  9. InventoryClosed could be added locally to the player. The EVH wouldn't really care what inventory of what box is being opened though, so you may want to do an extra check if that is something you need.
  10. is: listRemoteTargets what you're looking for?
  11. mudnut


    params["_rank","_type","_score"]; use params instead of select. why are you using exitWith {} ? also, you may need to spawn this while inside the event handler code block, as I don't think it's in a scheduled environment and you're using suspension
  12. You can make a trigger that executes upon activation like so: onActivation: [thisList] call mud_fnc_unloadCrew; mud_fnc_unloadCrew: /* Unload crew members of vehicle list passed */ params[["_list",[],[[]]]]; if(!canSuspend) exitWith {_this spawn mud_fnc_unloadCrew}; _crew = _list select{crew _x}; { if(alive _x) then { moveOut _x; }; sleep 1; } forEach _crew; and to register the function in your description.ext: class CfgFunctions { class mud { class mud_functions { file="functions\mud"; class unloadCrew{}; }; }; }; place a file named fn_unloadCrew.sqf under a folder you create functions\mud under your mission root with the contents of mud_fnc_unloadCrew above.
  13. Thanks, hopefully you can make use of it well.
  14. Dynamic Unit Loadouts Dynamic unit loadouts applies a loadout to a unit based on a configuration directly in the mission file without mutliple scripts for each loadout Download (MEGA LINK) Example of how to use: [player,"rifleman_csat_pacific"] call ls_fnc_applyLoadout; There are several default configurations for blufor and opfor already available in CfgLoadouts under: config\CfgLoadouts.hpp