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  1. Is there a way to turn off auto spotting for players? The radio suppression commands dont suppress that.
  2. Can we get some audio filter for sounds when heard from inside the tank? In non dev branch, some of the machine guns are very noisy.
  3. thx for the answers so far. Is there a way to also turn off auto spotting for players? Sometimes AI is reported just by right mouse zooming.
  4. I think vehicles should have some rough edges and "character". Would increase the realism. It should not be based on reaching 1:1 balance in some deathmatch scenario.
  5. Tanks - Damage improvements

    No, they could simply use the exact vehicle in its exact state as the wreck and darken the texture a bit. This is a far better solution than swapping the model. Even if it explodes, a tank that actually resembles the original vehicle and its turret rotation is better than a metal low poly box.
  6. Can we actually base the "feeling" of how things are supposed to be on some real world stuff? If the developers just follow opinions and feelings this will end up being like Team Fortress 2 where everything is balanced and the military simulation is removed. For example, there is no reason for CSAT to be slower or that an APC is "too fast".
  7. Tanks - Damage improvements

    No it's not better. This is a tank wreck in real life:
  8. Tanks - Damage improvements

    The vehicle itself should be the wreck, this is a far more realistic thing than swapping it for a wreck model. I mean your argument is to choose the option that is 50% worse to prevent a situation that would be only 5% worse. An exploded tank that looks like the actual tank with the turret on the same position is a far better solution that this primitive operation flashpoint tradition of swapping the tank for a low poly wreck that of course can not be anything else than the same thing for all dead tanks of the same type.
  9. I would disagree, especially in multiplayer, whether you see the vehicle should depend if you as a player can actually see it.
  10. Why is is possible to attach ATGM missiles to helicopters with no radar or locking systems? I have tried to lock with a hellcat using scalpel. However It only worked once and that was probably a bug.
  11. Tanks - Damage improvements

    Why can't the vehicle itself be the wreck? Like, if the vehicle is wrecked, instead of swapping it for a crude wreck, just let the vehicle in its current state remain. This way it would seamlessly and gradually transfer from working condition to destroyed, often with no way to tell from a distance, which would also increase realism @Asheara
  12. { _x addEventHandler["FiredMan", { params["_unit","_weapon","_muzzle","_mode","_ammo","_magazine","_projectile","_vehicle"]; _sphere = "Sign_Sphere10cm_F" createVehicle (getPosATL _projectile); _sphere attachTo[_projectile,[0,0,0]]; _delete = [_sphere,_projectile] spawn { params ["_sphere","_projectile"]; waitUntil {sleep 1; vectorMagnitude velocity _projectile <= 0.01}; deletevehicle _sphere; } ]; } forEach allUnits; I have tried converting it into foreach so it can be applied for all units at once, but it wont work. No error at all.
  13. Is there a way to auto delete the marker after some time or when the projectile is gone?