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  1. Steve 161st

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    I think JD Wang makes a good point there. Have a read of the CF_BAI thread as that specifically attempts to deal with the AI spotting and reactions, especially at greater ranges. From what I remember of the discussion, AI in the vanilla game have surprisingly short spotting distances when not in the alert state (300m ish). The distance from which they can spot you is also binary - i.e. 1m over the threshold and they will never spot you, 1m closer and the maths to spot you works normally. We too, run Lambs and CF_BAI and find this a good combination. They can also be combined with VCOM but you might find you need more tweaking of parameters to get the balance you want when running all 3.
  2. @Blutze Thanks for your reply. I should have followed up to say that we discovered what the error was regarding this behaviour. It was one of my unit's custom scripts that was destroying the 'fired' event handler off which the initial bullet's trajectory is determined using ACE3 scopes. So entirely our fault and certainly no issues with ACE3!
  3. OK - apologies..... the error statements are not linked to breaking ACE3 scopes. That was part of our own code that happened to run at very similar times to the CF_BAI events. The errors do stop us from running the detect module though (which is a shame as the concept of it is awesome) due to hideous spamming of the server .rpt file.
  4. Has anyone else had issues with ACE3 Scope adjustments stopping working part the way into a mission? It seems to revert back to Vanilla scope adjustment despite force turret adjustment being set to on. So always starts working but something mid mission seems to revert it back to Vanilla. To clarify, the tumblers still 'animate' showing adjustments but the weapon always seems to be zeroed to a very short distance - which seems to be the vanilla zero distance. I.e. the ACE3 scope settings have no effect at all..
  5. One thing we've noticed in multi player (and I suspect is also there in single player) is an error which I suspect is relating to the AI spotting. Here's an extract from the .rpt log: 18:55:21 [CF_BAI] (detect) LOG: Vision tests: [[0,0,"aiFacing"]] 18:55:21 [CF_BAI] (detect) LOG: Original probability 0 adjust probability 0 18:55:21 Error in expression <x select 0; _probability = _probability * _testProb; } forEach _visionTests; pr> 18:55:21 Error position: <* _testProb; } forEach _visionTests; pr> 18:55:21 Error *: Type String, expected Number,Not a Number 18:55:21 File x\CF_BAI\addons\detect\fnc_determineKnowsAbout.sqf..., line 10 18:55:21 [CF_BAI] (detect) LOG: Vision tests: [[0.062381,0.062381,"distance"],[0.223383,0.223383,"aiFacing"],[1,1,"raycast"],[0.5,1,"stance"],[0.5,1,"playerMovement"],[1,1,"playerFoliage"],["CF_BAI_detect_aivision_safe_chance",1,"awareness"],[0.75,0.75,"bino"],[0.5,0.5,"optics"],[0.25,0.25,"nightVision"],[0.44,1,"spotTime"],[0.5,0.5,"dayNight"],[1,1,"rain"],[1,1,"fog"]] Over the course of the evening, the server log gets quite large with repeats of this error. One other really nasty side effect (other than the large .rpt file,) is that once this error has occurred ACE3 Scopes no longer has any effect. So although the sight barrels still adjust in clicks, the scope always behaves as if it has zero elevation and windage adjustment. We turned the Detection module off on our server this evening and have not had a repeat of the ACE3 Scopes breaking so are fairly convinced this error somehow causes it. Actually, the only way to stop this error is to remove CF-BAI completely. Disabling the detection module did not fix it. I will do more testing to see if it is conflicting with other mods or whether just ACE3, CBA and CF_BAI result in this error
  6. I think you'll find there's a new setting with advanced bandages that allow you to decide whether wounds re-open. By default, it's set to 'no' so there's no need to stitch a wound that can't re-open. Have a look through all the settings - you'll find what you want.
  7. We're talking about limping coming back on a fully bandaged, fully stitched, fully splinted player. So the effect is almost like the splints falling off when using ADV-Splint. However, with that system, you could re-split the wound where as if this what is happening under ACE, the option to re-splint does not exist. (Fully aware of the limping on open wound setting - big fan of all the new ACE medical system settings!) That said, it could be interesting trying 'limping on open wound' being turned off to see if the bug only occurs when it's enabled.
  8. We've seen this a fair few times now. Most of the occurrences seem to be after splinting and stitching the wound when the patient is fairly heavily wounded in other body parts as well. Often when the player takes more damage after the splint&stitch, the ''walking wounded' effect is removed, returning the player to normal, so we're fairly sure it's a bug but haven't repeatably re-produced it yet.
  9. Agree with the above. Default settings were not to our group's liking but it's SOOO customisable, we're starting to home in on something we really like. The only thing we have seen a lot of is AI not reacting to being shot - if the shots that hit them are not instantly fatal/cause unconsciousness, they are able to continue to shoot what seems to be fairly accurately while taking several rounds. (They start bandaging up once the firefight has finished though.) Players normally twitch/react when being hit so can't continue to return fire while being hit. This seems to give the AI an unfair advantage. I think this is related to the ACE medical but am not 100% sure. I don't remember it being such an issue with the old ACE medical system (but could be wrong) and I've not played Vanilla in a long time but I always remember AI twitching a little when being shot so disturbing their firing somewhat.
  10. Steve 161st

    [WIP] Embraer A-29 Super Tucano

    It's still in the GREF mod. It's just a skin change
  11. Steve 161st

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    Luckily, I grabbed a screenshot at the time: Hope this helps.
  12. Steve 161st

    Interiors for CUP buildings

    Tried this mod for the first time a short while ago and absolutely love what it adds! We may have found one bug thought. We think the issues was with one building not correctly finding its damage model so when we were inside it and it got damaged, the game glitched like mad until we were all ejected from the building and the damaged building was not enterable. It was the Restaurant building in Cherno that we had this issue with. We could not replicate it with other buildings - i.e. on deliberately damaging them, the correct model appeared and people were not spat out of the building.
  13. When looking at the settings available in game for CF_BAI Detect, there are two values available for each state. E.g. Player Visibility - Standing Chance AND Player Visibility - Standing Knowledge Presumably the first of these is how much the player's stance (standing in this case) affects the likelihood of being spotted. But what does the second value do and how does it affect game play? Many thanks