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    Gaming, Hardware, Game Dev, Tactical shooter, life.

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    I'm a French student learning devs stuff. As you will see I have a good english and I'm pretty friendly. So if you need help I'm here. And I'm not going to yell at you because you teamkilled me don't worry =b
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  1. Lt.Master

    Feedback Thread

    I've asked before the update =b Meh anyway it's cool to see anoying things be tweaked ^^
  2. Lt.Master

    Argo Videos

    https://www.projectargo.net/ggmoments-contest Good luck everyone ! =b
  3. Lt.Master

    Feedback Thread

    I'm speaking when you are at the lobby. Not in the respawn menu or ingame during the match. Yes it's similiar you are right but it's not the same thing ^^.
  4. Lt.Master

    Feedback Thread

    A small idea you could do. When a player is afk in the lobby he's not going to be kicked by the server because he is not in game but in the lobby. Why not add a auto kick in the lobby if the match is launched and the player did nothing after 1 minute ?
  5. Lt.Master

    SPAR17 fast scope

    It's maybe a way to balance the gun compared from the others weapons.
  6. Lt.Master

    Adding Tanoa?

    I don't really think to be honest ^^'
  7. Lt.Master

    Argo League / Tournament

    The first tournament is going to be on raid. However the following tournaments could be on clash or link. And I have played almost only Raid like all my mates. All the gamemodes are a good choice. Because you need to change your mind. In Raid, you need to know the battleground by heart. Like in all the competitives games. in Link it's more a cooperative gamemode. If your team is not trying you are going to loose. And in clash you also need a good team and think how you should play to protect the point. However you have more marksmen around. I haven't played a lot in clash so I can't give a accurate sentence about this gamemode ^^' I could add not everybody is playing raid like not everyone is playing clash =b
  8. Lt.Master

    Argo League / Tournament

    Ho comon Shane a respected member ? Nobody like him =b But more seriously. For who are still looking for a team vs team tournament. Work have been done behind the scene to make everything work together and smoother. If you have anything to ask or any critics to give. Just let us know ^^
  9. Lt.Master

    Level design feedback

    Raid - Le Port : Nearby at the attacker spawn we have 2 boats on the beach... And this.... xD And yes it's a Sting with a AMS in my hands....
  10. Lt.Master

    Adding Tanoa?

    Both of this features are not planned for now =/
  11. Lt.Master

    Unable to connect 0x2000

    Everything is normal don't worry. This is not the first time and probably not the last one. Just take a look here
  12. Lt.Master

    Level design feedback

    In mount you have... Well this barrel.... x'D And also this in Airfield Hangar in raid... Why this is still in pristine condition ?
  13. Lt.Master

    Argo points dissaperaing?

    Me and some friends have tried to be level -1... You can't loose XP from the older games. If you have 40XP in total. You play a new game and get - 750XP. Guess what ? You still have your 40XP at the end. So only a dev can do that....
  14. Lt.Master

    Argo Videos

    Me and my friends had the idea to test something ingame... Here's the result ( sound have been cut because you don't want to hear 3 French speaking )
  15. Lt.Master

    Skill Points

    I love to switch my play style. One week with a DMR, the other with a GL. And If I need to pay. I will. Even if at the end I have only 2 credits. XD