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  1. Hello sorry I do not speak English and therefore I use googled translation: my problem is the following when we connect to my server 2302 or when we have to kill we have this message that appears "" No entry'mpmissions\__CUR_MP.Altis\description.ext/RespawnSelectionDialog/Control/RspnLocMap.widthRailWay "" I would have liked to know that this problem and how to go for the corrected, thank you
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    mdr il veut faire verrouiller le sujet , ok c est son pote ;)
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    je me casse le cul avec un traducteur et toi tu ai français mdr Lt.Master
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    ranking number 1 IIIRSIII, this player this player plays a little and after a few shots against him, he deconnects then this reconnect and there to our surprise it takes almost a full loader of 7.62 to kill it and again by momment his does not even hurt short-haired, more if have this cache in a foliage or herbs ha a place of another lens, or in a hyper dark corner, he finds us without any problem, not to mention his mocking attitude , his one and only purpose is to humiliate the other players. regarding anti-cheats I conceived a raon because me and a few friends were administered by DMW ANTI TRICHE on the games of Medal of honor, and after some search because its us agasses certain player will use a blow on Peakz Argo Cheat on ARGO
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    Hello, we would like to know if one day you plan to install a real anti-cheat system on ARGO servers, because this games have nice, but unfortunately it has already invaded by a lot of cheating player, only on the first page of the link below, Below you should have started to follow certain player and checked them out. Sorry I do not speak English I use a translator https://www.projectargo.net/leaderboards#/general/total_score