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    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    Why even have a game mode that is pointless? It's just bound to die as a game mode if there is no incentive at all to do it.
  2. OnlyUsesMachineGuns

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    Those must have been added in the last update since I played, as there previously were only US and European servers. Still, the Ping on these "Asia" servers is still atrocious, I get higher ping connecting to a U.S. West server than I do connecting to an "Asia" server, even though I'm in Asia. There's not one server I can connect to that is under 200 ping.
  3. OnlyUsesMachineGuns

    Official Sever Support

    I'd be willing to pay for a server hosted in Asia, as well. E. Asian players have no reliable servers to connect to, even the premium servers offer poor performance.
  4. OnlyUsesMachineGuns

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    Asia has no servers, which is part of the issue, so we have high ping in all games as we have to connect to servers from other continents. This influences all players, we have high ping and lower FPS, and other players just see us lag about or bullets take longer to register when shooting at us, leading to the frequent situation of players killing each other at the same time, or being killed as soon as you peak due to your game taking longer to register movements with the high ping.
  5. OnlyUsesMachineGuns

    Ping get worse, from Day to Day

    One possible reason is that some regions don't even have a single server yet, so they are stuck with incredibly high ping in other regions server, which just makes the games in general more unstable. In Asia, our average ping will always be above 300 when connecting to the U.S. serves and above 400 when connecting to European ones.
  6. OnlyUsesMachineGuns

    Will Combat Patrol Give XP/Credits?

    This design just artificially hampers from playing how they want to play. So what if PvP is what you consider to be the main game, what if someone else wants to just play with friends? Why not let them be able to progress this way, especially since lower level players are always going to be at an advantage to someone who has played longer. You can even make coop matches have a lower amount of xp than pvp ones. Just let the players do what they think is fun. As long as people are playing the game and enjoying it, that should be the only thing that matters. For example, in Rainbow Six: Siege, obviously the PvP gameplay is most important, but you can still get a small amount of progression in coop missions with friends. Why even have the coop mode in the game if there is no incentive to do it? I know there are many new players who I've talked to who don't even want to play this game anymore since coop doesn't let them progress at all and they are stuck with useless low level weapons with no scopes. Sure, we can go play Arma 3, but it lacks many of the characteristics of Argo, and not to mention Arma 3 has no progression system, plus is not free so is naturally harder to get players to try. I feel like many more people would be interested in this game and want to continue playing, especially new players coming in being at a heavy disadvantage, if they could at least level up a little bit in coop to the point that they can at least compete with higher level players. I should also mention that many of the negative reviews on the Steam page, which are in Chinese, are of players complaining about this. Most Chinese players prefer to play coop and if there is no way to progress in coop the game will die in this region.
  7. Currently, it seems that Combat Patrol doesn't reward the player after the completion of missions. Will this be changed? If not, what's the reasoning for it? I'd much rather play this game co-op to level up and get weapons necessary for performing well in pvp maps. This reduces the pressure and frustration from being a new player and helps to get them acclimated to how to play the game without ruining pvp matches due to a large skill gap.