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    female (me!) joining a realism milsim unit
  2. Hi, I'm Larpushka and I'm making documentaries based on actual game events (I have a youtube channel dedicated for it). I think Arma 3 is a great tool to create an unscripted movie. Basically, building and running a mission while some (if not all) players are screen recording. We run a campaign - say for a month, maybe every weekend or every couple of days. Eventually we batch in the material together and edit a movie out of it. In the past I used Arma 3 to play on an hardcore Russian role-playing server and to teach English and even to connect a manual treadmill to. - I've even made a few movies- but it's in Russian, based on my character's experience in an Arma 3 S.T.A.L.K.E.R server; so I've done my share of crazy projects with Arma 3. I'm also a huge proponent of hardcore immersion - meaning creating a settings that feels authentic where players react realistically. Now my new goal is to create an unscripted movie based on Arma 3 (the unscripted part is the players reactions, some features of the core story will need to be pre-planned to create the skeleton of the story). Some rules will need to be strict for the story to be interesting for the viewers. For instance, permadeath - each player only has 1 life, one they die they're out until the next story, which means they might need to wait a couple of weeks or days depending on at which point of the story they died. Here's what I need to make it happen: A squad willing to play in such a story and stay "in-character" - it could be an existing squad with an existing campaign looking to spice things up. On my end I can guarantee help with recording, editing and narration. What do you think of the idea - would you be willing to participate in such a project? Also, Is there any squad willing to consider running such a campaign with me "holding the camera"?
  3. Reporting on atmosphere in the Russian community and how they have turned Arma 3 into an immersive role-playing multiplayer S.T.A.L.K.E.R universe.
  4. I managed to integrate a treadmill with PC games; as the title said, it works. Also works for ArmA 3. Here is me doing it on a Russian multiplayer S.T.A.L.K.E.R server (I improved the code since) Essentially it presses 'w' for every slab that passes by it - I have an arduino microcontroller connected to it. It really helps that ArmA has 3 speed types, walk, run and sprint; while I managed to sync it quite well with my latest code and it works semi-realistically, I would like to completely and accurately sync the speed of the character to the treadmill. How do I tap into the speed/movement code of ArmA? The way I think to go about it is that I can provide the speed value of the treadmill through my arduino microcontroller, now question is how do I read it and convert it to motion in ArmA 3. How difficult would that be to do?
  5. So I was inspired by ArmA 3's editor and Zeus functionality to see if I could use this game as a language-teaching tool. I advertised that I'm looking for volunteer students. I got plenty of requests and built a specific mission that would make us interact. The project and ideas just kept growing and developing.... and I made a video overview about it all where I show how I went about it; most of the students were learning English actually (except 1 who learned Hebrew)... anyway would love to see people reactions to it
  6. Certainly creative and intelligent individuals can go ahead into multiplayer games and associate himself/herself with a community of their target language. I think Janez said it best and I will paraphrase, single player games help you soak in the language, multiplayer games help you speak it, and writing on forums help you have a deeper understanding of the language and improve on your grammar/vocab; it's the killer combo for language learning. I wouldn't say DayZ is necessarily special in that regard, just another server you can use. I myself did the same practicing my Russian on S.T.A.L.K.E.R servers in ArmA 3. The only problem with that method is that not every server is nice about it. I saw one server that says "you must be a fluent/native speaker of language X to play here"... and I got banned from a GTA V Spanish-speaking server when my Spanish wasn't good enough. For the most part people are nice about it though.
  7. Portal 2 is an interesting idea, it could work and may certainly be worth trying... damn I wish I thought about it 🤓 Yea, same with my dad who is 70; but to his defense he was surprisingly better than the 20 years old guy who went through my boot camp! +1 Well said Edit: oh and thanks for the kind words @everyone
  8. Hi guys, Any idea why I can't place another soldier in the front seat? Here's a video of the issue:
  9. So I have this tank. Whenever I make it explode by reducing its health to 0, I suddenly hear lots of gunfire sound. That's from the ACE Tanoa map. I didn't place anything around other than the tank (you can see me trying to look for anything within a radius of 500 meters (same for 1000 meters, etc). No idea where the gunfire sounds are coming from. Any help? Video: https://youtu.be/_YWeD3XWbeg Nevermind, I realized it's not gunshots but the sound of the tank burning. Sounds like gunfire.
  10. Hello everyone, For the past few months I've been working (researching) with several volunteer adult students to re-purpose Arma 3 for language teaching purposes, specifically English teaching in my home country of Israel. I've also tried other games at the process but my focus was on Arma 3 since it's the most modifiable and gives the most control to the creator. Here's a 2 minutes video of selected clips from some of the recorded sessions I ran with the volunteer students: Now I'm looking to take teaching with Arma 3 to the next level, which as I see it is to create more role-playing/realistic scenarios to the player with more than just me, but with other players. The idea is to immerse the player in an English speaking environment with an interesting ongoing storylines, and when there is more than one voice (so far it's been just mine) it helps tremendously to the immersive feeling (lingual-wise). If successful, this project that will seek BI's approval for monetization. All sessions would be recorded and uploaded on youtube. The main requirement at the moment is being a native English speaker (or native-level speaker). General experience with Arma 3 and participation in realism mods is also preferable. I started a discord channel for the effort. If I won't reply right away no fret. I take this project very seriously and I will reply. Here is the link: https://discord.gg/hcmtjNx PS. This is not a discussion topic but a recruiting topic, please don't reply with philosophy/opinion column unless you have a question.
  11. Is there a way I can watch the PoV of other players? Basically watching players from first person as they see the world. I'm hosting a mission, so either via zeus or some script/built-in function? -Larpushka
  12. Hi guys, I'm looking for language-learners volunteers for a zues mission I'm running, it can currently be in English, French, Spanish, Russian or Hebrew. We're testing how Arma 3 can be used for educational purposes (following instructions in your target, doing a mission with a storyline, etc with a native speaker). The concept is creating an environment and a story that forces you to speak in the language you're studying. You don't need to be an advanced student, even people with basic knowledge of the language they're studying are welcome; the whole point is trial and error, trying, screwing up, etc... just make sure you have a decent mic. The availability for it is GMT 20:00 - 24:00, Sunday-Thursday Occasionally Friday and Saturday would also be possible. If your target language is not on the list please PM what language you'd wanna see You can email to larpushka4 (at) gmail.com
  13. So it seems there's a good deal on the following laptop, I want to specifically buy it to play Arma 3. Good graphics & smooth experience is important to me, but I don't wanna do an overkill and overspend on a high-end gaming laptop that won't provide such a great improvement over what I have in mind. What do you think? Keep in mind I rather buy from my home country of Israel (for warranty reasons) so any external links you will send me won't be helpful. Model: Lenovo IdeaPad L340-17IRH Gaming 81LL004PIV CPU: Intel® Core™ i7-9750H Six Core Processor, 12M Cache, 2.60 GHz up to 4.50 GHz GPU: NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 1650, with 4GB GDDR5 VRAM Memory: 16GB DDR4 2400MHz SODIMM Harddrive: 1TB M.2 2280 SSD PCIe NVMe Monitor: 17.3 Inch FHD (1920 x 1080) IPS, Anti-Glare, 300 nits, 72% Gamut
  14. I placed these 2 lines of code on a civilian: _this setmimic "angry"; _this setRandomLip true; But when I log in I get a blank expression. How is it supposed to work? Here's a video to illustrate the point: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0qWm6mw6aLU&feature=youtu.be
  15. 32 years old, female, Israel Looking for a group, either English-speaking or Hebrew-speaking is fine. Preferably mature realism; I'm interested in doing missions and experience cooperative gameplay/doing missions with good planning and tactics. Serious, mature folks...as said I'm 32 so I don't wanna be playing with kids 🙂 Didn't play a lot of Arma 3, don't have military experience (yes, despite being from Israel!) I'm usually available in the evenings, Sundays to Thursdays, typically from 20:00 (GMT+2), but also occasionally on Saturday and Friday I could be available sporadically. Important for me to stress that if you're a group that meets during the week (Sundays to Thursdays) and not just Friday-Saturday, that'd be much more preferable and I could be available at least once/twice a week. -Valery
  16. I'm getting errors with CUP Terrains - Maps saying "Corrupted. There is no Addon folder in the mod folder. The mod doesn't have a correct format. An addon folder is required in the folder of the mod". And yes I tried reinstalling it, I have the steam version. Help?
  17. *slaps forehead* I realized I didn't include it when I got it to actually work and I wanted to see what exactly I did differently. Not even sure what I did, just played around with the definitions of the trigger. So, consider this thread solved :) Sorry.
  18. Hey guys, So I sync'd the triggers just like the youtube tutorial I watched, but it's not working. I added a video to prove it. See anything I'm missing?
  19. Hey guys, Basically I placed a building, now I want to define the door (or doors) of this building as "locked." In addition, I want to place a key and say that only if the player has this key, he can unlock it. I assume it should be easily possible, but whenever I place a building I can't seem to specifically choose the door and the "attribute" of the building don't make it straightforward also. Could you help me? Though I'm a modding newbie I really did do the best research I could before resorting to posting here.
  20. Yes pierre, I don't need to relock the door. And as far as a physical key item, it's fine. Any chance you can add commentary to your script? I can't follow the logic. Is "typename" the name I give the building? Why do I have to use configfile? seems a bit too fancy of a script for something so simple.
  21. Sorry, I'll explain better then. It's SP. And yes, it should be the presence of an item in your inventory that causes the door to open. It doesn't have to be a key if it doesn't exist in vanilla arma. How do I condition "If object X exists in player's inventory" ? I get that Is how I lock/open doors. The issue for me is technically setting the condition. It should be a few lines, right? I appreciate you guys being nice about it, posting really was my last resort.
  22. But without the key they shouldn't be able to open the door (that's how I'd like it to work), so I do need the key. The thread/script you linked to just indicate if a player is the owner of the building, which is not what I'm going for. If there was some manual I could read to understand how I do it, I'd read it and wouldn't bother you guys, but right now the information seems quite fragmented.
  23. Hey guys. I'm looking for an Eden editor expert. I'm willing to pay for private lessons for you to show me how to do the things I want with the Eden editor. It would just save me a lot of time of trying to figure it out by myself... my skype is dm-205. Let me know your hourly rates and we can go there from there.
  24. @Grumpy: Your example is nice but it's not "object-based" it's "owner based". I ran into a few other problems -- there's no "key" object. I tried to use a "crowbar" object instead but I'm not sure if it can be made "pickable". Can it? Thanks gc8, I tried playing around with it and I get the idea behind the script I write. A certain item which you can pick up will have the code: [If this item exists in the player's inventory - unlock door with the name/tag XXXXX] Very simple, right? It would seem it needs to be just one line attached an object. Am I wrong?