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  1. Hi! After trying to work Inidbi2 for a while, looking at multiple tutorials and testing pre-made scripts for inidbi2 I've been having an issue, where no matter what I do the loading happens for EVERYBODY instead of just the one person. I've been trying to get inidbi2 working to save just unit loadout and position on an addaction (or on inventory open) If anybody has tutorials or pre-mades that work please let me know. Cheers Huski
  2. Thanks for the biggest chuckle of my day so far TPW.
  3. I've been having an issue with TPW where absolutely nothing happens. No init of any item. I installed TPW through the .bat and loaded the addon how I should (with CBA_A3) edited the .hpp to the required settings, then upon mission start, nothing. I had also set it to give the hint that TPW loaded, nothing came from that either. I am unsure if I missed a step, broken something or if the mod is just unworking. Any support will be appreciated! quick edit: Running on: Tested on both SP & MP (same result) ArmA Version: Latest non-dev (stable) CBA Verison: Latest non-dev (does cba even have a dev version?) Downloaded from: tried both dropbox and armaholic TPW MODS VERSION: 20191215
  4. Squad name: Task Force Husky Timezone/location : GMT+0 (London) Gamemode preference (eg coop or pvp): coop Contact email: mckenzier@taskforcehusky.co.uk (CM-01) / glynnl@taskforcehusky.co.uk (CM-02) Website address: https://taskforcehusky.co.uk Short description: TFH is a friendly, semi milsim CQB focused unit, we run weekly missions as well as sporadic Zeus operations on our server! Language: English (Primary)
  5. Good mod. Efficient for things, gives a good UI over doors & objects too, but also less twitchy than the menus
  6. Huski_

    Slow learning curve for some new players

    I'm new to Arma 3 with only 339 hours, however I got practise with my unit (a lot of new players too) in missions such as Escape and Liberation, Escape was useful due to its free-flowing style, causing the tactical awareness of surroundings, we used Liberation for more classbuilding but also for assult/vehicle training. Right now we are building our own training map, which is to be played along hours and hours, I may release the finished base-build for people to free-form it as well.
  7. Hey, just throwing the suggestion of having editable times for production in Parameters, this is the one thing the guys I play Liberation with have said on the server. Also a question, does the production still tick along if the server is empty?
  8. Huski_

    Arma 3 randomly freezing

    I'm not one for GPU's, thankfully this isn't my PC, but I'll pass it onto him. Yeah.. It seems to be after this update, I was kinda hoping that it'd be a issue that's been fixed just due to how he was going to be a good fit for my unit, but alas, with every game update one thing should break, that's the way it works with gaming so it seems. I will keep looking for a solution, cause the group of people I play with miss having him there. Thanks, -Huski -Task Force Husky Founder: find our application here!
  9. So a friend of mine is trying to get into Arma, however in every mission, or when he tries to load into Arma (Vanilla) the game just plays normally for a few minuets then locks up (freezes) as if time is frozen, however everything stops, no sound, no animation, no nothing, just like a static picture of what he last saw ingame. No crash report can be supplied as the game refuses to give one, as it doesn't recognise it as a crash Stats:
  10. Looks good, I'll have to try this on my testhost.