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  1. Been playing other games with them as bluetooth, plus wireless mouse and keyboard, and all has been fine. But anyway, following your two comments, plugging in a 3.5mm cable from the speakers to the headset solves it, so I'll use that. Doesn't change the experience any bit, so no problem! Thank you both.
  2. Hey, I have been wanting to get back to Arma3 after a long hiatus. Been trying to continue my Apex Protocol campaign but the sound on my bluetooth headset stops working (for all applications) when the game starts (everything works fine while in the menus). Everything also works with the 3.5 speakers, but with these headphones literally all system sounds are shut off when the mission starts. It does not happen on other missions, just Apex Protocol so far.
  3. My solution for this mission was finding that an enemy tank decided to stop on the solar farms and stay there. No need to capture Kalochori, rather stand by the sun. Once I found that tank, I destroyed it, and mission was completed. Didn't even need to kill the crew that came out of it. Summary: Terrible AI...
  4. What does "Make sure the enemies do not take Kalochori back" mean? I destroyed at least 5 vehicles, a bunch of foot troops, and can walk freely around the village with no enemies bothering me. Does that not mean Kalochori is basically ours? WTH am I supposed to do to win this mission? Use up all the artillery calls? Call in the helicopter? Walk to a specific square metre the devs defined but do not tell us? This game is so bugged...
  5. dani_00

    Moral Fiber Yankee bug

    Same issue here. Impressive little bug (not in a good way).
  6. dani_00

    64 bit FPS

    Opt.Acer, check this solution. The update included a new executable, which by default is using the integrated card. Worked for me.
  7. dani_00

    Arma 3 64Bit Worst FPS than 32Bit

    Thanks man. Hadn't realised there was a new executable, and my Nvidia Control Panel was only showing the Arma3.exe. Manual add of the 64bit version and the issue is solved.
  8. dani_00

    64 bit FPS

    I am having the same problem here. Earlier this week before the update I was running Mid-High settings at around 30fps, and now at Very-Low I can only go above 15 if I use a lower screen resolution and every single option at minimum/disabled. Reminds me of the old Windows Updates that actually killed the systems... I am 64-bit and laptop as well, and my Nvidia Control Panel was told to run the game with the Nvidia card.