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    Official Zeus servers from Bohemia Interactive

    Tbh the developers could probably get permission from the creator of the ares and Achilles expansion mod to modify it a little and take away the things that give the zeus "to much power" or even change the function of certain modules.. like the knock unconscious could make it so that it can't be used on players or completely remove it, the toggle captive can only be used on AI, there are a lot of things they could change to make it more "fair to everyone" and then implement it into the servers. Either way I would love to have the ares/Achilles expansion mod on the official servers.
  2. Looking for milsim group preferably one with an armored unit in it to join Timezone: EST preferred roles: AT or armored crew member DLC: Have all except for Helicopter dlc contact VIA steam: Sannin2 Edit: Found a unit
  3. hmm after this update my fps has dropped all the way to 9 from a steady 40+. if anyone knows how to fix this it would be much appreciated