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    Trains & Robbers

    I'll definitly be getting into this!
  2. Hey guys. I'm having an urgent issue. I'm planning to make an Altis total map overhaul with edited locations all over the map. Now I've hosted a local server (like we always do) and my friend tried to join. It gave him the downloadable content missing "CST_R_Tower" when he tried to connect. We tried to find it for over an hour, and I ain't too fond of editing shit with text editors as most likely I will screw it up. (Like I just did......) I removed "CST_R_Tower" three times, or how ever you call it. (I'm a total noob in scripting and stuff.) If I hit CTRL F "CST_R_Tower" showed up three times, and removed those three... In notepad, the mission.sqm looks like this: https://gyazo.com/b5582cd347ca2026c9a7b89b99ce418e While on Wordpad it looks like this: https://gyazo.com/a84d3b43d40725b4b2464942e872cec9 Both screenshots were after I've edited it, but if I search on the web how to edit a mission.sqm file, they all look different than mine??? Now what happened, after I removed those lines, the entire mission didn't show up in the editor anymore, and in-game, when I tried to launch it, instead of green text, it was light blue text. And when I hit "Play" simply nothing happens. I've put weeks of work into this mission, and just because I wanted to remove some mod that I can't even remember what it is, or can't even find it, it screwed my mission... D:< Any help is greatly appreciated as I can't get myself to re-do ALL this work I've put into it... :( Thanks in advance. ~ Sirion.
  3. I already tried to Google it, but I don't understand shit from what people say hahaha xD I'm a complete noob in this kind of stuff... I'll try that, to get Arma 3 Tools up. So only thing I have to do is drag the (already corrupted!!!) mission.sqm file into it and it would de-binarize it? Even if the file already has been corrupted? (It doesn't show up in the 3DEN Editor anymore so I cannot open it in-game at all.) I'm too afraid I will mess the file up even more... xD Would it be easier if I just upload the file somewhere here (I have no idea how to be fairly honest :P) and that one of you will save my day? You would receive my eternal gratitude. Thanks for the aiding comments! I really appreciate it. ~ Sirion.
  4. Yeah, that is the problem. It doesn't show up in 3DEN anymore. I can't open it anymore at all. EDIT: By the way, thanks for the extremely fast reply lol. Wasn't expecting one this fast. :)
  5. -Sirion-

    Tanoa Trains

    Oh well, anyway, I'm mostly playing Overthrow on Tanoa, so I think there will be plenty of fun driving these trains around the (existing) tracks of Tanoa, with a very long network already set. Not to forget you have plenty of switches and different ways to go to, unlike Chernarus or Esseker where there isn't much railroad track to drive on. In Overthrow I see me and my squad already making a portable base on a train with storage crates, tents (so we can fast travel to the train if we need to) and freaking HMG emplacements to defend the train if needed. If this will be released, I'll test it out right away, and might donate to support your work. I'm a train-freak, and I already find it very amusing to watch the short video's you're placing. Also still messing around with your Command script replacing High Command. You're an Arma God, my friend.
  6. -Sirion-

    Tanoa Trains

    Will there also be support for other maps with implemented railroad tracks, like Esseker and Chernarus? Would it detect those tracks? If so, I'll make another survival server on Esseker using the trains on the (abandoned) railroad tracks. I see myself driving around the post-apocalyptic landscape... Damn. PS. If there will be more tests, I'd love to participate. :)
  7. -Sirion-

    Tanoa Trains

    Will there be more testing? I am following this topic for weeks! Though last weekend (when you ran the test) I missed the message because I was not at home... Literally I cannot wait untill this is going to be published. So excited!