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    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    The hotkey idea is definitely a nice touch. I usually don’t have issue with my own squad, it’s the others I’m trying to control with high command that cause issue. Though really even without LAMBS high command is a bit of a cluster
  2. tvscrrtt

    LAMBS Improved Danger.fsm

    First let me say that this is an amazing mod. I've spent way too long messing with platoon level assault missions and after installing this I had the best firefight/urban combat experience since I installed OFP way back when... I do have a few quick user side questions about using this. The groups under my command (using High Command) included two APCs and two trucks. The APCs would periodically stop and not follow move orders. By repeatedly placing their waypoints they would eventually move, but it took some doing. The trucks developed a weird behavior where they would go to a waypoint, then drive off back into the town and go back and forth a couple times. Eventually they would drive into town, their drivers would disembark and go into houses and trying to get them back behind the wheel was next to impossible. I think the best workaround for both issues is to disable the FSM at some level but I'm not sure which is the best approach. Should I disable it at the group level with danger_disableGroupAI, or go through the individual units with danger_disableAI? Also does EnableAttack still have any bearing on their behavior or are these two variables the best way to control it? I know you've said that it's geared towards co-op so if there are no good answers that's understandable, plus I'm probably one of 3 people who still use High Command.
  3. Not sure if this is still followed/updated, but I’m having issues with callsigns after team switch. I know this was an issue earlier, but it looked like it had been fixed with a subsequent update. However I still see units default to “Alpha 1-X” after using team switch. It could be user error if I’m not defining the group id properly as well.
  4. tvscrrtt

    ASR AI 3

    Ah that makes sense. I assumed that whatever caused enemy AI to split up would also be affecting friendly groups. Thanks for clearing that up
  5. tvscrrtt

    ASR AI 3

    How is it the wrong thread? I only have these issues when ASR is enabled. As I stated above, without ASR they behave more appropriately. It definitely seems to be something about this mod that causes squads to split up/spread out and pursue enemies (which seems to be the same issue as I quoted as well, certainly not "quite different") Regarding the team switching, that's also a behavior change that I only see with ASR active, so again I'm not sure why this is the wrong thread...
  6. tvscrrtt

    ASR AI 3

    Ive been having similar issues with this mod where AI units will run off to track down enemies leaving their squad spread out. Im using duda's advanced AI command mod and once fighting starts all hope of being able to control my units goes out the window. On vanilla I have some reluctance to move under fire, but they generally stick together and eventually follow my waypoints. I really like the AI changes with this mod, just not the way it makes controlling my platoon difficult. Ive also noticed that squad control gets transferred, usually to the #5 guy (Team Leader in default rifle squad, same rank as Squad Leader when placed in Editor). Not sure if that is causing some weird behavior (it has stripped me of command of my unit even when I choose the option to keep command)
  7. Ok, I had come across the C2ISTAR objectives but wasn't sure if there was a debug option as well. That works, I haven't actually had objectives change hands enough to see it in action so I'll try it out. And I had not tried creating my own objectives, only had OPCOM generate them for me. Will check out that feature too. Thanks!
  8. Loving this mod for how easy it is to set up large scale conflicts but have come across a couple questions: 1. Tasks - is it possible to get OPCOM to assign my group to operational objectives the same way it assigns other groups? Right now if I request a civilian objective assault it spawns a random military building relatively near and uses that as my task. (Though sometimes it gets really weird and assigns me objectives way outside of any TAOR) 2. I seem to remember older versions you could use a debug setting to see objective ownership (objectives would be overlayed with a hashed square). Is there still a way to do this? thanks guys!