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    Vehicle respawn only works one time

    I'm in the same boat unfortunately. Looking over the googles revels nothing of any broken module. I prefer to use modules because they tend to be simpler since i'm a coding novice at best. And in this case the module just inst working as intended..... or at least it dose but only once. I even tried hooking up triggers thinking it needed a reset to no avail. It simply doesn't work on the 64 bit dev-branch and i don't want to do another 5+gig download to test on non-dev branch.
  2. Jes McDevlin

    [Bug]Eden Breaking Saves [FIXED]

    Anything to salvage the weeks of work I've put into these maps. PITA but i'd do anything to get this working again lol. Time to get a 32bit install on another HDD and keep my 64 where it belongs on my SDD lol. Thanks a ton md_geist. I'd have figured it out sooner or latter but i was too miffed to think straight.
  3. Jes McDevlin

    [Bug]Eden Breaking Saves [FIXED]

    Thanks for getting rid of the spammer.
  4. Ever since the update a few moments ago the Eden Editor is taking all of my soldier units and putting them in Map-Cords 0,0,0 IE: lower left corner of map. It only happens after a save, and reload. If you alter then play from the multiplayer menu then it works. I just lost hours of work not once but twice in a row from this on 2 separate saves. I just got done verifying files via steam, not a corruption on my side, and no changes where made before the update that could or would do this. Update: Tested and reported from friends; Save, Save As, and Export all affected. All soldier units (unmounted) are moved to map lower left corner of map. PS: Sorry if this is the wrong forum, but i'm so flustered i cant think straight right now. Mod List: (With steam page links) CUP (All but maps and terrain Core) NIArms Wepons Packs Eden Enhanced DynaSound 2.0 Bornholm CBA_A3
  5. First off; Happy New Year! Thanks for taking a poke at my thread. I'm looking for some people to play-test my new mission. I just finished it after over a week of work and I -think- I've ironed out all the "major" bugs. I tried to keep it an easy mission with a fair amount of activity. I wont profess it to be a flawless work of art, quite the contrary, it was a total mess and may still even be one; which is where you come in! About the mission: Required Mods: The CUP collection (All but the maps, and terain mods) Map: Altis Syle: Co-Op V Ai Players: Upto 5 total players. 4 Soldiers and the 5th slot is Zeus (admin only) Time to finish: 15min-1hour. (Depending on player speed and party size.) My mission is on the steam workshop, just click here to go to it's page. If you see any bugs, feel free to report them here; or on the steam page for the mission. If you have any other comments or the like as well feel free to leave those too, i'd love to hear what you think in either a technical or creative/artistic point of view on the mission. The off topic section: With that said, i'm also looking for more friends, specifically ones who play Arma 3; and figured this would be a good way to start some dialogue for people who play this game. I have my own group of friends so I am not looking to join a clan, or any large groups as i'm a shy person who dose not to well in such settings. Instead I'm looking for relaxed, "live and let live" minded people who don't mind playing games including Arma. i have several discord servers and i'd not be totally apposed to joining another as long as i'd not be swarmed by like 10+people in a channel lol.
  6. Thanks a ton for the insight man! :)
  7. Oh wow looking at it that would make life a lot better; One last bit of noobishness; to get these to display in game i'd simply place the "set Task" markers and name them in accordance with said briefing script correct? Then the Triggers would call up the other end of the system the "OBJ1.SQF" yea? You'd just put that in the trigger's condition list? Thanks a ton btw!
  8. Feeling so lost lol. I didn't even know you could make objectives in the briefing. Honestly not sure how to even edit the briefing. Sorry if i'm just wasting your time. But from what your saying is you can make predefined objectives in the briefing and call them in triggers and such?
  9. Actually, i think i am understanding the functions now for the // bit. Call me a derp, but it is 5AM. lol
  10. Yea; I can totally see how it would indeed be a nightmare... Already gone through it a bit in fact. I am simi-new to scripting, i know most basic syntax but not the functions and vocabulary for ARMA3. Im not entirely sure what all of your script dose exactly. The middle bit with "//" Seems to be referencing/calling functions or something where as i'm use to "//" being "ignored" in code lines. That parts the one stumping me mostly. The rest is straight forward.
  11. Yea I can see how having it handled in an exterior script could be very useful. Keep a pile of templates handy for variable task types. Not exactly what i was looking for but definitely worth considering!
  12. Long story short i just wanted to make basic move objectives for the players to follow in the game. This is what i came up with after about 5 hours of trial and error,.... and hair pulling. >.> It works, But i'm wondering if I've over complicated things a bit. All of the info i have i either had to cobble together from guides doing something similar to what i want but not exact, and some intuition. Below will be a flow chart picture of sorts and a simple step guide showing how i made chain-objectives. If anyone sees anything that can be simplified let me know. First off, im using Eden Enhanced, FREAKIN' LOVE IT! So some steps may be simplified due to that tool i'm not sure. Steps: Flow Chart / Picture: If the Labeling in this is hard to see, Click here for link to full size.
  13. Nice thanks it'll come in useful for sure. :)