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  1. Lankester

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Wrong ammo type changes after shooting HE-T, it should be ОФ, not К, because ОФ stands for "Осколочно-Фугасный" i.e. HE and К -"Куммулятивный" i.e HEAT.
  2. Lankester

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Come to mind about COAX, it's not the correct description, the right would be СПАРЕННЫЙ or its short form СПАР.
  3. Lankester

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Ok, let's assume that T-100 meant to be a diesel, but engine exhaust looks like a turbine exhaust and acceleration model match too.
  4. Lankester

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    And I think the sound of autoloader was better, now it's sound like as if someone is closing a rusty, poor lubricated metal door.
  5. Lankester

    Audio Tweaking (dev branch)

    Moreover, it doesn't sound like a turbine at all. Sounds like a diesel for me, like T-80 UD, but Varsuk is the Object 640 aka Black Eagle in the real life, who based on the stretched T-80U chassis, which means Varsuk powered by a turbine.
  6. Well, your sensors sync with others and when you look at sensor/radar window you would receive not only your data but all available sharing data
  7. It makes sense, but I think that it'd be more convenient if a commander can share data that he's received, not just order.
  8. Why T-140 Angara doesn't have any sensor/radar and why commander variant T-140K have one, but it isn't active radar. If I understand the concept correctly, it means that commander tank T-140K spot enemies and share information with its platoon via datalink, so how the non-commander tank without any sensors must receive this data?
  9. Lankester

    Vehicle Interiors - Feedback

    Noticed too. How are you think, in that pic, we see part of hydraulic counterrecoil mechanism or some hatch ( I don't know how to call it) over firing hole? If we look closely if that firing hole so it isn't parallel to the autoloader.
  10. Guys, why in Apex expansion AK series and RPG-7 doesn't have any attachments ? imho developers can easily ported pso-1 and other stuff from arma2 and refresh it a little bit.
  11. Lankester

    Arma 3 Units - Feedback thread

    Hello, i have a problem. I created squad via squad manager, but in game i can't see emblem of my squad on my game model. My friend can see his and even my emblem without any problems instead of me. Pls help