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    Link is probably down... I Try to find a good working application to unPBO missions. Untill now I used PBO decryptor1.5, and it works from time to time... But not all the time. So I started my search for a good application. Tried several already trough the WorldWideWeb.. like WinPBO, pbox+wrptool, Depbo.dll, extractpbo.dll, pbotool101... but without any good result (only get errors like didn't find dll or can't find your temp folder etc)... Running Win7 by the way. Does anyone has some good advice for me?
  2. Tango56

    OFP Addon request thread

    THX JdB! THIS IS IT!! I needed this (can use the roundels for F-16C and MiG-21 addons). I'm very happy with this file... Only question left... WHERE DID YOU FIND IT? Because I have been trough all the addons on the "ofp.info"-site... I even searched on that site on the roundels, rkt, f-16, footmunch etc. All these searchoptions didn't gave me the right file. You found it! What did I miss?? THX again!
  3. Tango56

    OFP Addon request thread

    This is what I can find in the readme-file of the F-16 pack (by footmunch): "-SCRIPTING FEATURES These planes are able to be assigned to different countries by changing the roundel shown on the plane during gameplay. The roundel is changed by inserting the line: this setobjecttexture[0, "\rktroundels\r_denmark.paa"] into the initialisation box in the mission editor. The latter parameter should point to a 512x256 PAA or PAC texture file. The plane will then appear with, in this case, Danish markings. There is a set of roundel images conatined in the RKTRoundels.pbo file found at www.footmunch.org.uk" Because of this text, I thought maybe someone has this rktroundels.pbo file. So I can assign F-16s to different countries. I'm still played OFP v1.86, because I don't like the visual changes of v1.99... and I tried ARMA and ARMA 2, but didn't like the roundness of alle the units in ARMA and my laptop is to slow to handle ARMA 2 with acceptable quality of visiual effects... .
  4. Tango56

    OFP Addon request thread

    'Nada' over there! Got almost all addons from that site... regarding the F-16, in the readme-file i'm being directed to: www.footmunch.org.uk (because of the roundels) That site is down... so that's no option. Other links that I found are all down... Thanks anyway!
  5. Tango56

    OFP Addon request thread

    Anyone got the Footmunch F-16 roundel pack? I already have the Footmunch F-16s (work perfect) but lost the roundel pack over the years, anyone?
  6. Just done the second option (kenoxite indeed made a 1.96 patch, so ww4 works, only the ASL-error keeps comming up. :-( Now I downgraded WW4ext v1.1 back to my v0.8 that works without any inbound problems (at least, during gameplay)... to bad... I did love all the new features on WW4ext v1.1 Did a download of ww4ext v0.9 but haven't got the time to get that running... Can't have everything, I think?
  7. Question about the ww4EXT_Veh pack... It has the MCAR_engine (date 2015 and 55kb) included. I read in al the post that kenoxite used the latest version of MCAR_engine... But in my other addon folder I HAD (not having anymore): MCAR_engine (date 2006 and 90kb)... So I use the one that is provided by WW4EXT mod. Do I need to use the other one? I ask only because the size of the older file is bigger. Let me know!
  8. Thx Macser for you information. After your post I did the following: - Removed all addons... - Did a clean re-install ofp 1.96 - Install ww4mod2.5 and ww4ext 1.0 - removed ww4ext_inf_cfg (cwa version) and replaced it with the ww4ext_inf_cfg.OFP version... of course I made it a readable .pbo file... - I kept all the extra addons included with ww4 (like BIScamel & Kodiak island, which I both don't use and are not likely to use in the near future). - I made ww4 the last on in my startupline: "C:\Program Files\Codemasters\Operation Flashpoint\FlashpointResistance.exe" -nomap -nosplash -mod=@civ;@us;@rus;@afg;@afr;@ww4mod25;@ww4ext;ww4ext_artic;@ww4ext_cw;@ww4ext_veh - I added the other addons again... Result is that I still get the error: "_pos=[getposASL #_unit select 0,getposASL _unit select 1,(getposASL _unit select 2)+1.3]; Error unknown operator _unit" But the error only comes once I destroy any Ww4 person of vehicle. If I don't destroy anything, the mod work beyond my hope! So the only option is updating to 1.99? May be an important detail, after the install of WW4mod+WW4Ext I didn't removed the config.cpp or resource.cpp files. Do I have to overwrite the original one?
  9. Hi their, Love the ww4 2.5 mod+ext!! More then nice work, incl. weapons, units and vehicle. It's the best of OFP/Arma! I'm was running ww4 2.5 v0.8 for a long time now and with still making some missions from time to time I wanna upgrade tot v1.1. So got the mod v1.1 running (that's with the "Mi-2 expension" and without "cold war" & "artic" expension). To be clear, I'm still running OFP 1.96 and not Arma 1.99... But I get an pretty long error on screen, once I test the pack and blow up a WW4 unit: "_pos=[getposASL #_unit select 0,getposASL _unit select 1,(getposASL _unit select 2)+1.3]; Error unknown operator _unit" Got a printscreen to, but no idea how to load it up into this blog. Maybe I need to combine with the ww4 "cold war" & "artic" expension? Or the fact that I still use OFP 1.96? Or maybe a mismatch with other addons? (by the way, never had this with ww4 v0.8) Addons I use: @afghan pack (afghaneveron/afganO/indukush/taleb) @Africa pack (BAS_TSF) @civilian vehicles (Awmmerc/CadilladE/ChallengVP/DMX_police/explorers/gaz24mx/gaz53a/hum2/hum2bl/hum2spc/humm2/mersed1/mustang_GTR/pksmzk/tahoe/vipgts) @Russian pack (BD_grenadepack/Castro/DKMM_RSC/DSF_RUSOPFOR/DSHK/euro_res/HRVmi24/icpweapons/ka27/ka-52/kegrpg7/mi2no/owp_mi26/pcprison/RHS_crewpack/RHS_FSB/RHS_Gaz66/RHS_hind/RHS_OMON/RHS_SOBR/RHS_T72A/RHS_VDV/RHS_Vityaz/RHS_weappack/rktbackfire/rktmig23/rktmig27/rktnmig21/rktsu24/rktsu27/rktsu33/SA_rebels/SFM_Urals/Vit_mi24) @US pack (ac130/BAS_MH47/BAS_MaH60/BAS_kawa/Bas_rusopfor/Bas_soar/bas_weap/casfsoldier/CBT_bradley pack/CBT_HMMWV pack/CBT_M113 pack/CBT_M977/CBT_M978/CSJuh1/DSL_a10/editor103/facetext2/GNT_B52/HWK_C130/HYK_BISfaces/HYK_OPFOR/HYK_USsol/ikar_F14/INQ_M1/JAM_Magazines/JAM_sounds/JAM_vehicles/LSR_awp/Militarytent/MP_artict5t/MP_desert5t/MP_nato5t/MPIV_AH64/oldtruck/OS_minigun/prph_uh1n/RAD_F18/RAF_Tornado/rkt15e/rktf4/rktf16/rktnavphan/rktskyraider/rktomcat/SEF_CH-53/SEF_LAV/TMD_F117/Vit_AH1W) Any ideas? let me know!