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  1. you can only move the camera then you in the menu on Vehicle or somone but not if you select a object
  2. Its not a Problem with battleye he just Disconect his Network Cabel and battleye make this Massage if you Turn Off battleye player can use CheatEnegin ect on your Server and dont Get Any Time a Global battleye BAN
  3. Hello i Can't Join on Any Server. Arma Stopt in Loading Screen all the Time in RPT i find this 10:43:01 Accessing buffer which is not allocated 10:43:01 Result not found in the request (P0) 480000:8000:addons\missions_f_bootcamp_video.pbo/ 10:43:04 File read error: addons\missions_f_epa_video.pbo,1e3: Fehler der Anforderung aufgrund eines schwerwiegenden Hardwarefehlers.
  4. Hello we use hintC in the mission since the 1.68 Update it is Brocken The Box IS Brocken in i can't click on Ok only Push ESC close the Box some one Same Problems with hintC
  5. mhhhhh i know the documentation we have add ACE Menu to Many Objects. When i Add a ACE_Menu point to the BarGate i can't see the Menu Point (Jetzt doch mal in Deutsch Problem ist das ich auf der BarGate den Menu Punkt nicht finde bzw wie kann ich den Punkt eine Andere Position zuweisen ? geht das überhaupt dazu habe ich nix gefunden bzw dachte ich erst mit dem Position Parameter aber da hat sich auch nix getan)
  6. ohh sry for my Bad English i mean we have Add action via call ace_interact_menu_fnc_addActionToClass on objcts i have build a place script for RodeBarire ect on mission like your ACEX but we have more Objects ect but on the BarGate i cant find the Point and have no idea to fix it
  7. Hy we USE ACE Menu for Items like your Placble items but i no idea for BarGate i cant find the ACE Menu Point on BarGate :P
  8. Nice Hype Thx for Hard Work
  9. haha ok i have only 28k ..... from "Telekom"
  10. Common Guys we can't wait the hype is real
  11. Really Nice Map
  12. ok thx for tipp Nice Worke
  13. Hy the is this Right The Woolcap's and the Booniehat's have all the Same Texture