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  1. TheLexoPlexx

    Very weird sound problem with the Logitech G430

    Already known over here: Could a Moderator please close this thread? Thanks.
  2. TheLexoPlexx

    Very weird sound problem with the Logitech G430

    This seems to be the exact same problem over here: https://steamcommunity.com/app/107410/discussions/0/135511913384223613/?ctp=5 Will report back when tested with 32-bit instead. #EDIT: 64-bit seems to be the Problem, works flawlessly with 32-bit.
  3. Hello there, I bought a new Logitech G430 Headset today and I have a very weird problem: Whenever I drive a car in first person, my frame-rate drops to one or two and the screen starts to freeze. This is ONLY in Arma 3, ONLY in First Person and ONLY in Cars. I don't know whats wrong but since I frequently drive cars in Arma and also in First-Person it's really annoying, especially when I'm forced to first person and driving alone it makes the game unplayable. I tried various stuff that may fix this but nothing worked yet. Any Ideas or where I could continue troubleshooting? CPU: AMD FX-8320E Mainboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme6 GPU: AMD Radeon R9 390 Headset: Logitech G430 OS: Windows 10 64-bit
  4. Hello there, since Arma 3 has a huge Modding Community, more and more weapons are added and I think this is really important now. The Virtual Arsenal has become an important part in many custom missions and if you installed one or two big mods, this becomes messy very fast. So I would love to see a better management for Items through more options. These Options could be literally everything. I'll give you a few examples: Rocket Launcher: IdZ Vests (BWMod) Tactical Vest (Arma + 2 Mods) CTRG Uniform AK74M
  5. Hey there, I just came across this amazing library and before I wanted to use it I was wondering if you are planning to update it for 64-bit. Thanks in advance.
  6. TheLexoPlexx

    Why does Arma not uses all of my PC

    Now that you said it, I checked for myself as well and it's only about 40% for me. I checked the launcher settings and if you don't set the amount of CPUs in the Launcher, it goes with the amount of native cores. For me, I run a AMD FX-8320E with 4 native cores hyperthreading to 8 logical cores, so Arma 3 uses 4 cores instead of the possible eight, coming really close to the 40% CPU usage. Could you check the amount of native cores you have please? I just checked this for myself and it gave me a higher FPS and higher CPU usage.
  7. For me I don't even notice any difference between running Arma 3 as Admin or not, however, since 2 updates or so, my BattleEys asks me to run as Admin every time I launch the game, so maybe it's not even required to run Arma 3 as Admin but instead only run the Arma3battleye.exe @maquezA LMGTFY-Link is the least helpful, please don't do that in the future. Oh, and "ritalin" is the name of a medicine making you hyper-active and awake, so inpatience makes sense for him :p
  8. TheLexoPlexx

    ARMA 3 Addon Request Thread

    So, with 141 Pages in one single Topic I don't expect anyone to see this but whatever. I am not into the Arma 3 Scripting and Modding stuff and before I do that I'd like to know if it's even possible. But here are some questions that need an answer: Can I run Java or C#-Scripts from Arma 3? The Logitech LED API works with that. Is there an Event API in Arma 3 and how extensive is it? Can I run scripts when someone dies, enters a vehicle, shoots, has no ammo left, becomes a high command or whatever else? Can I somehow read the files of where the Keys are saved? So in my Mod I can dynamically search for the Keys a certain Player has set. Even for some Mods. If these questions are answered and someone is interested in making this addon I would love to help or if not, I'll do it myself. Thanks for your attention!