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  1. very good info but for me Supermicro X9DRL-IF is very high price on ebay about 300$ i interest this MB for simple http://www.ebay.com/itm/Supermicro-X7DBU-LGA771-Server-Motherboard-5300-5400-2-Intel-Xeon-CPU-Bracket-/322399631361?hash=item4b1083f801:g:RckAAOSwo4pYhXPI or this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Wave-STG2SMCA-VER-C-Dual-Xeon-CPU-LGA1366-DDR3-ECC-REGISTERED-Server-Motherboard-/272566870207?hash=item3f764060bf:g:cJUAAOSwax5Yrz0O I mean cheap MB under 100$ some 2 xeon 5k serias cpu and 16gb ram 1 power supplies under 50$ i whant run 2 arma 3 servers for 40-64 players And I want to know if I can do it is not more under 150$ or buy ready server simple http://www.ebay.com/itm/Dell-Poweredge-R410-2-X-QUAD-CORE-2-40GHZ-E5620-8GB-RAM-1-x-TRAY-QTY-AVAILABLE-/351951744696?hash=item51f1f56eb8:g:FysAAOSwh2xYAR-N plz give me some Tip
  2. vaxoiva

    Terrain Error

    use atlas guide config
  3. vaxoiva

    make a river

    now ponds are bugy place ponds and make 0 setfog 1 and you see :)
  4. vaxoiva

    make a river

    i think i use ponds and drew river on texture map
  5. vaxoiva

    make a river

    on image its 11 px and i must do 3px its little river i use .asc too but i have one problem i have 0 -1400 vertical range heightfield and from buttom when i star river it fine for me but on top i get big canyons i get idea get lower around but if are some other way get water level where i whant and not all of the map
  6. vaxoiva

    make a river

    tnx for replay this is my first ALPHA 1.0000000v river :D i use l3dt but it very hard work i must say
  7. vaxoiva

    make a river

    ok tnx i try curve it in TB
  8. vaxoiva

    make a river

    know a way to make a river? i use TB and l3dt can i make river use this tools not very depth about 1-1.5m and length is half from my 2048x2048 map
  9. vaxoiva

    Mask Image (Ground color)

    hi Im learning on creating a map too and my advice for you is use l3dt to make terrain :)
  10. vaxoiva

    Key Points problem

    yes its work tnx tnx tnx very much and Lappihuan from discord arma 3 group too
  11. tnx for tutos can you tell how what soft you use get satelite image
  12. vaxoiva

    Key Points problem

    tnx for you replay but when ii load map in editor arma 3 just crash game
  13. i cant add Key Points on my map it just show icon in zeus and it all not on the map config.cpp http://pastebin.com/ePwxmk2S TutorialIsland.hpp class qalaqi { name="qalaqi"; position[]={11057.94,10741.47}; type="NameCity"; radiusA=4000; radiusB=4000; angle=0.000; }; i get config rom atlas guide and terrain i make from CAPTNCAPS tutos
  14. whare can i get lite version CUP Terrains? low textures