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  1. SM_BJS

    Eden Custom Compositions into Zeus

    I'm pretty sure you can use Achilles for that: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=723217262
  2. Try using joint rails: http://www.armaholic.com/page.php?id=23242
  3. How are you calling the sound at the moment? Through playSound or playSound3D? Whichever you're using, try and use the other to see if that fixes the issue, it might be that the 3D location of the sound is slightly incorrect.
  4. SM_BJS

    Dialog custom textsize

    Have you had a look at this page? https://community.bistudio.com/wiki/DialogControls-Text There's a few options on there to edit text size depending on how you've done it your side.
  5. Maybe try and use a loiter waypoint once they reach your position. If you want the loiter radius to be specific you can alter it using the following commands, however it does require a little bit of scripting, but you can probably get it all in a trigger if you really need the commands:
  6. SM_BJS

    Loading/Overview picture?

    Your loading screen image needs to go in your mission folder which is usually located in Documents\Arma 3 - Other Profile\your profile name\missions\your mission name.mapname In here should be your mission.sqm Create a description.ext (this video is quite old but it still applies): Then place your image in this folder, or make a sub-folder within your mission folder and change the "loadScreen = picture.jpg" to "loadScreen = imgFolder\picture.jpg".
  7. SM_BJS

    Arma 3 Eden Editor Multiplayer

    As far as I'm aware there is not, however I wish there was. However you can have someone test your mission with you live by hosting the editor session. For example, you make the mission, the person can join and test with you, you can make another edit and they stay in the server's session to re-test with you (I believe that's how it works, or I'm just dreaming). You can also make custom compositions which can be shared as well. For example, say person X makes a base whilst person Y makes the mission itself. Person X can send the base composition to Person Y to place in his mission to save him time.
  8. SM_BJS

    Eden editor low fps and slow performance

    Have you tried Verifying the Integrity of your game cache for Arma 3 via Steam?
  9. I'm a little confused as to your game master setup, but make sure you have just one game master per unit, that it is synced with the desired player and that the owner name matches the variable name of the relevant unit exactly.
  10. SM_BJS

    Escorting by Attack heli

    Best way to do this is to probably group the attack helicopter to the transport helicopter. This will force the attack helicopter to follow the transport helicopter and attack enemy targets that are near the group (the two heli's).
  11. Have you tried placing a total of three or more ai in the vehicle (so that it forces the next person in the front seat) and then removing the rear passenger?
  12. I'd also recommend ending each mod folder name with a semi-colon. For example "@CBA_A3;".
  13. SM_BJS

    Bayonets Mod?

    Haven’t tested this one out myself but I believe there’s a bayonet in this mod: https://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=973548592 (Don’t quote me on it though)
  14. What I would of recommended with Ares is using the mod again, going into your mission, removing any modules or anything you have placed, then only removing the mod from the part of the .sqm that says addons as I think that you can still run a mission without the mod as long as you only remove it from the addons section of the .sqm and anything you have placed to do with it in-game.
  15. Is your server up to date? Because it says about Arma 1.58