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  1. miogushi

    addaction problem i guess

    i will check that and i come back
  2. hello mates, i have a problem with my script. When I click on the addaction , the script "anim.sqf " in " check.player.sqf" only starts for the player who clicked on the button. I tried this " [[[]," tasks \ eric_destroy_1 \ anim.sqf], "BIS_fnc_execVM", false, true] call BIS_fnc_MP; " But it didn' work . Do you have a solution for me ? Thank you and sory for my english ! this is "initserver.sqf" [[obj_1, ["<t color='#0000FF'>Demander une mission</t> ","check_player.sqf"]],"addAction",true,true] call BIS_fnc_MP; this is "check_player.sqf" if (!missionsud) then { hint format["wait"]; _task = ["eric_destroy_1","mio_sniper"] call BIS_fnc_selectRandom; switch (_task) do { case "eric_destroy_1": { _Blu_Base = ["eric_destroy_1"] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; [] execVm "task\eric_destroy_1\anim.sqf"; }; case "mio_sniper": { _Blu_Base = ["mio_sniper"] call LARs_fnc_spawnComp; }; }; missionNamespace setVariable ["missionsud",true,true]; } else{ [ [A23, player], [ "mission already done ", "ah ok ?!" ], "DIRECT", true ] call IP_fnc_simpleConversation; }; And this is my "anim.sqf" setDate [2017, 10, 10, 18, 30]; _day = date select 1; _month = date select 2; _year = date select 0; _date = format ["%2\%1\%3",_day,_month,_year]; [[format["<","align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.8' font='PuristaBold'"], [_date,"align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.8'","#FFCC00"], ["","<br/>"],["<","align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.8'"], [[daytime,"HH:MM"] call bis_fnc_timetostring,"align = 'center' shadow = '1' size = '0.9'"]],.23,1.3] spawn BIS_fnc_typeText2;
  3. it's not for that, we would like players can connect on our server and after ask them do download mods. For now, the problem is many people try to connect but no one can because they don t have mods.
  4. hello mates ! Is it possible to allow players to connect to our server without mods ? I know the method that consists of devinarize mission.sqm and remove mods but is there another way ? thank you
  5. miogushi

    ARP2 Objects Pack

    Hi mates ! Can i publish your mod on steam workshop ? thank you
  6. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    windows 10 too, thank you , il will try an another time tonight and i can send you my rpt
  7. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    that's it ! civ move on waypoint but not ennemy, but when i tried with CUP greenfor it works. everything is up to date yes. maybe it s my computer ^^
  8. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    i used only your mod and they are from steam workshop. Civilian move, but not opfor, they can shoot me, but they don't go on waypoint. But When i tried with greenfor CUP it works :s i played SP on my computer. sorry for my bad english
  9. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    i have sale problème with "Inshallah", maybe the problem is project opfor or maybe it s me ^^
  10. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    ok i lll check that, thank you very much :)
  11. miogushi

    [ALiVE, SP/COOP 1-20] Battle of Lythium

    hi HeroesandvillainsOS, i have a little problem, when i launch the mission on my local server, opfor AI doesn't move but Civ AI move, do you know how can i fix that ? thanks :)
  12. hi @Larrow i m trying to spawn composition with an addaction and players around an object but it doesnt work, can you help me ?
  13. maybe i must use : [_player, "STAND"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_ambientAnim"]; and [_player, "STAND"] remoteExec ["BIS_fnc_ambientAnimTerminate"]; but i dont know how to check if a Player move
  14. Hi mates ! Do you know how can I script animation when players don't move ? I saw that on all life server and on " antistasi", when a player is static while 2 or 3 sec, an animation start and it can be stop when players move. Can you help me to create à script like this ?