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  1. Great work on the mod, have you considered expanding romanian army units, or making bulgarian/hungarian/Balkans units?
  2. Will you be adding mannlicher and madsen to the weapons list in the new update? With them, you could expand your factions to have belgium, bulgaria, greece, romania and serbia. It will probably take time to make the uniforms for them though, but I am excited to see what will come next!
  3. Very nice update! Curious, what is Les Glieres? Also do you plan on expanding British infantry?
  4. I've been following your WW1 terrains and I must say, this is an amazing map based solely on the screenshots. You really have a way with trenches, and I greatly look forward to the development of these terrains. Well done!
  5. warflak

    Community Factions Project

    As a followup, can we hope to see Iran and pre-2003 Iraq on opposing sides, a la 1980s?
  6. Not strictly on topic but out of curiosity I was wondering if any of you actually went for the anniversary around the same time I did? I flew out of the west coast and stayed in Caen from June 5-12, managed to see all the beaches and 6th AB sector.
  7. Not only that but the revolt of '53, Stasi assassinations, and WiC style invasions.
  8. In response to the recent GM DLC, have you guys considered making a Divided Berlin with the 1945 map you have at present, something like the Sahrani/United Sahrani maps did? It'd make for some nice Cold War style espionage, secret police and uprising actions.
  9. Quick question: did FF and GCE merge or are they still separate? Do they have their own forum?
  10. I figured after you guys focused more on the NAC that we'd see a delay in British sector of Normandy but I am still very excited. Through my channels, I've also noticed seemingly every major WW2 mod is looking to Holland as well. FF focusing on it, FOW with Dutch buildings and even you guys with the paras. It may well be in the next year we may see a Market Garden scenario.
  11. Two years he hasn't been here. I actually got back into Arma 2 and made a version of the city of St. Malo without port facilities (can't find em plus lazy) His A2 map was great but that major city was little more than a tiny ville. Now it's a veritable central sector. I would like to find a way to modify it so I could place the objects better because it's really copy-paste rn and then maybe make it a part of the official thing but idk. It's literally just a template now.
  12. On a wholly separate and vaguely related note, are we going to see British-equipped units or maybe airdropped weapon canisters? Home Army and FFI units were heavily equipped with Stens and to a lesser extent Lee Enfields and Welrods. It'll be a neat supplement to the resistance and the Welrod allows interesting assassin type missions to occur with more stealth.
  13. Question: will we see a No.73 grenade with the British in the future? It's not slated as far as I know but it'd be a nice thing to have for a Anthropoid esque mission.
  14. That desert pattern Sherman excites me.
  15. Are you guys going to phase the update for the red devils and desert rats or is it all going to be in one, out of curiosity?
  16. warflak

    Faces of War [WW2]

    Hi, I'd like to make a faction proposition for this mod. It currently only uses CSA38, made by one of your developers and is something I've been toying with but don't have the ability to truly create. If any of the developers can contact me via PM if they are interested in a collaboration of sorts, feel free to do so. Thank you!
  17. In the far future, I understand you're going back into the Ostfront. Looking ahead to those glorious times, can we expect new maps of Ukraine(Lviv, Odessa, Sevastopol, Kiev, Kharkov) and Poland(Danzig, Lublin, Warsaw, Brest-Litovsk, Wilno)? I understand Stalingrad is a reliable yet admittedly overused style these days, with multiple different scenarios and templates on the Workshop already. In addition, many of these maps give the Home Army a chance to shine.
  18. I'm happy to see you guys have done far more than the Trello board suggests. I have and will continue to monitor your progress enthusiastically!
  19. He is referring to the roadmap posted on page 70 of this thread, I believe.
  20. warflak

    RSO Buildings pack

    A couple questions: -Your work would be excellent for the Unsung mod's grand Hue map project. Would you be willing to partner with them, reskin some buildings? -What are the odds of seeing the Benghazi and Belize maps released on Armaholic? I understand that at least Benghazi had gone through significant development before being thrown out the window, and by now either you've better learned to protect your rights or can find those willing to help you in that.
  21. Whatever happened with this mod? What happened to the missions and the maps that were made with them? Are you willing to release these to the public as originally intended?
  22. Really neat! Do you got the lost evidence TV show?
  23. @Digger James I just watched that movie twice last week! Loved this scene, and the movie! Truly great one, along with the longest day.
  24. Understoood. Thank you! It's shaping up to be quite a big year for Arma, and I'm jumping out of my skin for updates just as much as anyone,but I do try to be patient. Thanks for your work, I know you guys do it every day.