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  1. Hey people ! Just wanted to tell I just upgraded my docker images of Arma3Sync. Now the images are built from sources, compiled using openJDK 14.0.1, and running using jre 11.0.7. Versions 1.0.x don't have console support so I decided to scope them out. Versions 1.6.x require Java EE which was removed from JDK 11+ so they didn't make it either. I'm considering whether or not to add jre 7/8 versions later, tell me if that'd be useful to anyone. I've also added dependabot support for the project, images will upgrade after openjdk new version release. I'll try to provide new arma3sync versions more frequently as well 🙂 https://hub.docker.com/r/arwynfr/arma3sync https://github.com/ArwynFr/arma3sync-docker
  2. Arwyn


    A lot of ADV Medical features are actually avilable to ACE 3.13.0 now. Splints, fractures and limping are supported. Also revive mode was replaced by cardiac arrest "catchall" which you can get out of using CPR. Another nail in this mod's coffin 😞 Anyway, thank you @Belbo for the mod which gave us great gmeplay until that new medical rewrite was out. Probably gave ideas to ACE team for their new features as well.
  3. Arwyn

    GSRI Zeus Manager

    The mod is also available on Steam Workshop : GSRI Zeus Manager
  4. Arwyn


    According to the licence file, the mod is GPL v2.0 licensed (with additional limitations). This means anyone can already fork your code and distribute it under the same (or compatible) license terms. Someone could volunteer to update the mod for 3.13 compatibility ; however, they'd have to distribute it on their own.
  5. Squad name: GSRI (Groupe Spécial de Reconnaissance et d'Intervention) Timezone/location: UTC+1 / Western Europe Gamemode preference: cooperative milsim Contact Discord: https://discord.gg/bhMn4jd Website address: https://www.gsri.team Short description: GSRI is a specops unit. Our gameplay is oriented towards overcoming the toughest situations through innovative and efficient tactics. Our operators are trained for proficiency, versatility and cohesion. Our unit background is based on Bohemia's original story-line for Arma 3. Language: French
  6. That's something I had to deal with when dockerizing arma3sync. I've got a solution that works fine, will take about 10 seconds to create the repo before you can build it. Sources are GPL-v3 licensed on my GitHub : https://github.com/ArwynFr/arma3sync-docker/blob/master/mkrepo.sh https://github.com/ArwynFr/arma3sync-docker/blob/master/entrypoint.sh Regards
  7. Hey everyone, I just made a dockerized image of arma3sync. I know there have been a few around, but most of them are just an unzip & add. This one has nice additional features : Downloads latest binary from official FTP everytime you docker build the image, keeps your arma3sync up-to-date Can be run as a command through docker run syntax (arguments you pass are given to arma3sync, defaults to -console) Can create a local repository on your first execution based on ENV variables You can grab it from there, feedback appreciated ;) https://hub.docker.com/r/arwynfr/arma3sync https://github.com/ArwynFr/arma3sync-docker
  8. Arwyn


    Hi belbo, I tested the latest version and that's really nice, thanks for the excellent work and the addition of the AED ! My team is considering adding your mod to our collection, however « different licenses may apply to parts of this addon if it's not copied or distributed as a whole. » I sent you a PM with details so we can discuss this. Best regards !
  9. Arwyn


    Thanks for the mod, it looks awesome. I'd like to throw a few remarks in, though ... Actually, there are two different states where the patient has no pulse : The patient might be in cardiac arrest (because of extreme values of heart rate / blood pressure), and each CPR has a 40% chance of restoring heart rate. The patient can be in revive mode (instead of dying), and CPR will extend the revive state duration (which is useless when that state duration is not finite). Advanced medical simulation in ACE was initially developed without revive state, and players would just die when they took damage ; then they would either disconnect or respawn. Revive was then added to allow raising dead players with a vanilla-like mechanism, and shorten the reinforcements time. When it comes to your mod, I'm not very sure that I'll use it. On one hand, ACE does provide a revive-state / PAK-raise which will put the patient in a very healthy condition, which is not realistic. On the other hand, your mod does restore pulse with CPR only on a bleeding patient which is not realistic either ; CPR only restore pulse scarcely, mostly for ventilatory causes such as drowning or chocking which are not yet handled by ACE. I wish you could add a new PAK-like item (a defibrillator ?) which could only restore heart pulse, and not restore actual health. I would definitely use it then. Regards