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  1. Hi again, sorry for the inconvenience of multiple posting but this is an important security information. After further investigation I just found out that the official "openjdk" image was unmaintained since mid 2022. I updated the base image to a new one that still gets patched frequently. Anyone using the arma3sync-docker images is recommended to update ASAP.
  2. Hi everyone, a small update on the arma3sync-docker project. Until this week, the docker images were rebuilt weekly to ensure everyone had a recent runtime regarding security patches. This has been a large waste of resources as the base image has been very infrequently updated in comparison. So I decided to change the publication model. The project will now detect changes to the base images and rebuild when impacted. Please expect less frequent updates to the images although still maintained.
  3. Arwyn

    RHS: Status Quo

    Looks like its fixed 🙂
  4. Arwyn

    RHS: Status Quo

    Hey, looks like the mod is broken on the workshop : https://reforger.armaplatform.com/workshop/595F2BF2F44836FB returns a 404. Dependent mods and servers are broken :(
  5. Hi everyone, arma3sync-docker will be available next week with openjdk 20 on https://hub.docker.com/r/arwynfr/arma3sync !
  6. Hi everyone, arma3sync-docker is now available with openjdk 19 on https://hub.docker.com/r/arwynfr/arma3sync !
  7. Unfortunately, docker requires windows 10 build 19041 or later. You can still install and use arma3sync though.
  8. Hi everyone, arma3sync-docker is now available with openjdk 18 on https://hub.docker.com/r/arwynfr/arma3sync !
  9. GSRI Skydiving This mod improves free-fall and parachute realism. Features Simulate a Newtonian-like reaction with your body when ejecting from an airplane (keep your horizontal velocity) Force player to face away from the airplane when ejecting Add ACE interaction to display wind direction while using a parachute (requires ACE3) Add ACE interaction to attach a throw-able while using a parachute (requires ACE3) Rules and standards The following documents provide information on rules and standards applying to this project : MIT license Usage guide GitHub repository Workshop page BI forums page <= you are here Disclaimer This application or website is not affiliated or authorized by Bohemia Interactive a.s. Bohemia Interactive, ARMA, DAYZ and all associated logos and designs are trademarks or registered trademarks of Bohemia Interactive a.s. The GSRI logo is a trademark of GSRI.
  10. Since Arma3Sync simply spawns an arma3.exe process, it should not mess with the game controllers detection features. You should check your selected options in BI launcher vs Arma3sync for discrepancies. The best way to do that is to compare the command line options in the game title bar in windowed mode when launched with each tool. Features like 64/32 bits or BE might interfere with dll loading and drivers support.
  11. Links are available in thread original post: Windows automatic installer (FTP): ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/releases Windows automatic installer (HTTP): http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/arma3sync/releases/ Manual installation (FTP): ftp://www.sonsofexiled.fr/ArmA3/ArmA3Sync/download/ Manual installation (HTTP): http://www.sonsofexiled.fr/arma3sync/download/
  12. Some news regarding arma3sync-docker : Currently only available up to Arma3Sync 1.7.104 Arma3Sync 1.6.x not available due to a dependency on Java EE components Now available with openjdk runtime versions 8 and 17 using "-jreNN" tag -jre11 and -jre16 images were removed as these versions are now deprecated A weekly build matrix is now available and keeps images up to date automatically Due to a bug in Github's runner engine, I can't provide shorter tags anymore, but working on it For production usage, you should use arwynfr/arma3sync:1.7.104-jre8 @major_shepard could you add a releases/ArmA3Sync-1-7-106 directory on SVN ?
  13. Anonymous access to an FTP server is done by using username "anonymous" and any password. You can also use Windows explorer as an FTP client, simply paste the URL in the address bar.
  14. Some news regarding arma3sync-docker : Currently only available up to Arma3Sync 1.7.104 I've updated the images using the latest openjdk runtimes Now available with openjdk versions 8, 11, 16 using "-jreNN" tag -jre14 images were removed as this version is now deprecated Expect replacement of openjdk 11 and 16 with 17 coming this fall I'm working on a monthly matrix build to keep images updated
  15. Hey, would it be possible to add a releases/Arma3Sync-1-7-106 directory on the repo so I can update arma3sync-docker ?