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  1. Hey @Wyqer I'm having bit of an issue with the script in that some vehicles will drain really fast and some won't. It seems to be random and effects helicopters as well. I run a milsim group and we play with approx 60 players on a server and will often have approx 6+ ground vehicles and 4 helicopters operating. Some of them will drain at the set rate but some will drain at the vanilla rate. Some will do half and half where they will start of draining slow, then all of a sudden it will drain really quickly. Any ideas or has anyone else run into this issue? Thanks for your time.
  2. Hey @Wyqer The link to the download above isn't working anymore, would I be able to get the .rar off you if I joined the discord or something please? Is it just the script in the initPlayerLocal.sqf or is there supporting files in that need to go into the scripts folder? Cheers mate. Disregard, figured it out thank-you.
  3. MAJ Thomas

    CBRN Script

    Hey brother. Absolutely love the script! Awesome work! Run into a very minor error. The small decon shower sound doesn't work. Do you know what could be causing that? No errors pop up for it. Thanks for your time.